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The 2017 List of Games Which Sgt Sphynx Really Enjoyed, aka Sgt Sphynx's 2017 Game of the Year List

I was not as good as I had hoped at keeping track of the games I purchased and played this year and instead focused more on the games I beat. That said, I feel pretty good about the order of this list and the games that made it onto it. I do have a couple of honorable mentions before I get to the final list.

Having not played the first Destiny, Destiny 2 was quite enjoyable on PC, the plot was whatever but I now get what the crew were saying about the feel of the shooting in Destiny, the moment to moment gameplay of Destiny is great, just wish there was more to keep me playing.

Tacoma is probably number 11 on this list, and it just barely loses to number 10. I really enjoyed Tacoma, the characters, the setting, and even the plot. It was incredibly well made and told.

Also, I have to say, this has been a phenomenal year for video games, like seriously some greatest of all time games came out this year. With that out of the way, onto the list.

List items

  • This game may belong on my favorite games of all time list. Everything about this game brings a smile to my face. I absolutely love the characters. Even the secondary characters shine in this game from Mae's mom, who is the best, to Selmers, who is awesome, to Aunt Mall Cop, they are all wonderfully written. Gregg rulz ok

  • It's possible this game could have beaten Night in the Woods for my GotY this year if it weren't for the after credits scene. I absolutely loved this game. Ashly Burch was great as Aloy, Lance Reddick was great as Zavala, I mean Sylens. I really do love this game, I just wish they had been brave enough to end the game without that after credits scene.

  • I don't think I have the ability to put into words how good this game is/was for me. It came out at a perfect time and was unapologetic about killing Nazis. There are so many moments in this game that could stand on their own in a best moment discussion. The scene after the courthouse is my personal favorite, but the scene at the casting call is a damn close second.

  • Nier: Automata touches on one of my favorite subjects with science fiction, exploring what it means to be human, and it does it without ever having a human in the game. I never played any of Yoko Taro's games before this, but I will play any of his future games without hesitation.

  • This game is a late addition to this list; I somehow forgot about it even though I've put a workday into it and still want to play more. It is not an easy game, but damn is it fun.

  • Call it a walking simulator if you must, stroll playing game is a better moniker. Edith Finch tells a very personal and emotional story. I can't tell if the end was earned, but it was telegraphed.

  • I still haven't beaten this game, but I have put I don't know how many hours into it. The only main thing I have left to do is beat Ganon. I've gotten all the memories, all the guardian beasts, and have full stamina and basically full hearts. This might be the best open world game ever made.

  • The first Yakuza game I ever played was 4. I became a fan of the series based on that game, but that game doesn't hold a candle to Yakuza 0. I honestly don't know who I like better between Kiryu and Majima, it might be Majima.

  • This game reaffirmed something I was suspicious of when I played it. I suck at 3D platformers, like seriously, give me a 2d Mario any day of the week. That said, this is a really good game, it's a lot of fun, it is exceptionally well made, and the music is just great. This was the original reason I was going to buy a Switch. Nevermind that I bought one for Zelda

  • I have fond memories of point and click adventure games. Ron Gilbert made a gem of a point and click adventure game here. I loved the humor in this game the way it ended honestly caught me off guard going into it.