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My Most Anticipated for 2011

My list of games I'm most excited to play for this new, exciting, shiny year.  Here's what I want to play the most before we get a shit ton of doomsday propaganda next year!
And here's the thing... this is all we KNOW about as of right now.  Who knows what announcements will make this year even better!

List items

  • Okay, I'm a Zelda fan. But having been denied a full-fledged console Zelda game for nearly 5 years?! GODDAMNIT! NOT COOL! While as it stands, I'm not sure if they're doing enough to differentiate this entry in the franchise, and push the series forward (and no, making a door dizzy to open it doesn't count...), it's still a Zelda game. That name alone promises a great experience.

  • I played Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 back-to-back this summer. The fact that ME3 wasn't already out in time so that I could play it immediately after infuriates me to no end. After the great story arcs in the first two games, and the great story possibilities that have opened up for this final installment, I can't not get excited. The end of Shephard's journey is going to be insane, and I can't wait to experience it. To see all the consequences of my decisions finally come to fruition is both exciting, and terrifying.

  • I really had a lot of fun with the first Dragon Age. The characters, the classic RPG style to it, it clicked so strongly with me. I personally cannot wait to see what the lands of Ferelden look like after I've imported my save into Dragon Age 2. While I'm moreso curious about some of their design decisions for this one, I have no reason to not put faith into Bioware.

  • Arkham Asylum was such a huge surprise. I mean a good Batman game? YEAH RIGHT! HAHAHA. But Rocksteady had the last laugh, and I ended up listing it at #2 of my Top 10 Games of 2009. So to see these guys tackle even more villains, with more gadgets, villains, and (maybe) heroes? Slap a cape and cowl on me and sign me up!

  • IT'S DIABLO! DUDE! Let me put it this way... if I get this game, and it doesn't run well? I'll buy a new goddamn PC.

  • I love Portal. We all love Portal. So more Portal? HELL YES! I don't really need to explain why, because frankly, I'm sure this is up there on everybody else's lists. This is going to be good, and we all know it.

  • Holy shit! A new Mortal Kombat! Holy shit! A new '2D' Mortal Kombat! It's funny, this recent resurgence of 2D fighting games has seemingly come out of nowhere, but damnit, I'm not one to complain. I've always been a big MK fan, managing to appreciate even some of their lesser-loved fighting games, but this is the decision that can turn me into a real fanatic.

  • I never experienced the first games in the series, so I have no precedent. But that said, I can't deny the awesomeness that is arm-blades, mechs, and Bladerunner-esque sci-fi futures.

  • After having played Enslaved this holiday, I'm hugely interested in the new take on DMC. I frankly never cared for the anime-douchebag style of Dante, nor did I ever care for that franchise. But with this druggie asshole psycho take on him? I'm all for it. Ninja Theory knows characterization, and even if the game ends up being only "okay", the story alone will likely be enough to make me want to see this game through.

  • I can't believe I'm saying this. I really can't. For so many years, I've laughed at Duke Nukem Forever. Not just mocking the situation, but at how people still think that game would be relevant in this day and age. But damnit, I'm pretty much eating crow right now as I anticipate Gearbox's attempt at doing what 3D Realms could not. By the way, if 3D Realms gets any credit for this game by the time this game comes out, I'm going to punt a baby into a goal post... or not.

  • I'm not super interested in JRPGs. Know what? I generally tend to hate JRPGs. But a game from the creator of Final Fantasy, back when the franchise still had credibility? Real-time tactical combat, merging classic PC RPG style gameplay with third person shooting? An emphasis on character interaction in the vein of Dragon Age? SURE!

  • Let me explain... I loved de Blob. I thought it was funky, charming, unique, and totally tore away whatever control I had over my OCD. With HD visuals and a more thought-out mission structure? I'm totally game to paint me some cities!

  • I'm a huge fan of Suda 51's style of crazy. Seeing him hook up with Shinji Mikami to put out this messed up, Japanese metal take on Resident Evil is FINE BY ME.