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I want to direct your attention to something I have been viewing in the last 4 - 5 days.

It is of a series STARTED and COMPLETED on YouTube about the Anti-Christ. I know that 95% of you are going to ignore this thread. Fair enough. I dont blame you as we are always fed crap as to be the truth. The way media portrays aspects of our life. I understand 110%.

However, what I am trying to say with this series is to watch it and form your own opinion. The series creators even encourage you and constantly state that they are not trying to impose anything on you but trying to make you aware.

The word is AWARE. We should all be AWARE as to what happens around us. It is our duty to be AWARE because if we are not AWARE things happen right underneath our noses without us being AWARE.

So all I ask is watch a few episodes and if you like it continue to watch. If you dont then that is understandable. But please give it a try before you discard it as being the same trash you are fed over and over again in your daily lives about what is correct.

Series Details

Series Length: 50 Episodes

Episode Length: 10 Minutes Each Episode

Creators: Two (2) users

I have posted the links to the first 10 episodes to get you started and then after that you can access them through YouTube as you would any other series in a sequential manner.

All Comments of your thoughts are welcome and a healthy addition to the blog.

Part 1 Intro


Every piece of music or film or game or program or anything that is downloaded is STEALING (IMO)

Now people will say things like well I do not have enough money to buy the damn product or any other pathetic excuse. Well I say then you should not be playing, listening, watching or using it then.

You would not go into a store and wear something you know you cant afford for the simple fact that you will not be able to pay for it.

Yes I have been guilty of this in the past with tons of copied PS1 and PS2 games and PC games. Ill be the first to admit that but I have got rid of all that and just buy my games now (
XBOX 360 and PS3) or rent them.

If I know I cant play the games due to money problems or whatever I am no going to go steal it from the shop which is effectively what you do when you download a game or music or film or software.

Another problem is that we are so used to doing this activity and we know we can get away with it. We have lost the idea of what we are actually doing. 

The Internet is one big DOWNLOAD SPACE and we forget to question what is wrong to download and what is ok. That is why we give names such as
FREEWARE, SHAREWARE etc. to certain things or DEMO.

The funny thing is that if there was a game or DVD or music CD just sitting there the same people who download them on-line would feel bad picking it up in real life due to the simple fact that they know its wrong. That is no different when you click the download button, me included.

So yeah that is my two cents (not preaching) about the issue on piracy. And yeah I still download programmes such as Prison Break to watch and a few movies. I know I sound like a hypocrite right now but like I said I am not preaching but just giving my view on the subject.

PAX 2008


Hey all.

I just signed up to GIANT BOMB (even though I have been visiting the website since their first podcast) and I have to say this website is pretty amazing. Good job guys.

I was perusing the videos section of the site and I happened to stumble upon the PAX PANEL video(s) and might I add that it is awesome. I love watching those videos whether it be from GIANT BOMB, 1UP NETWORK or anywhere else. You get to see the people from the site being themselves and just having a good time. And this is very evident from the GIANT BOMB PAX PANEL 2008.

What else......I have been playin the crap out of Metal Gear Solid 4 recently. I originally completed the game on NORMAL difficulty (my first playthrough) and today I completed it on HARD (woooooooooo!!!!!!) and got the camera from ACT 4 to create all sorts of crazy images.

I have realised that the game is choke full of content from start to finish. And the beauty of it is that some things change when you play the game on harder difficulties and not just the A.I. NPCs have new dialogue, bosses have new strategies and even the interaction between a few characters is changed. I guess you can see I love MGS4 :)

OK I am going to end this blog here for fear of no one is going to read beyond this point due to boredom

Hope you enjoyed it and leave comments on how I could improve it.