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PAX 2008


Hey all.

I just signed up to GIANT BOMB (even though I have been visiting the website since their first podcast) and I have to say this website is pretty amazing. Good job guys.

I was perusing the videos section of the site and I happened to stumble upon the PAX PANEL video(s) and might I add that it is awesome. I love watching those videos whether it be from GIANT BOMB, 1UP NETWORK or anywhere else. You get to see the people from the site being themselves and just having a good time. And this is very evident from the GIANT BOMB PAX PANEL 2008.

What else......I have been playin the crap out of Metal Gear Solid 4 recently. I originally completed the game on NORMAL difficulty (my first playthrough) and today I completed it on HARD (woooooooooo!!!!!!) and got the camera from ACT 4 to create all sorts of crazy images.

I have realised that the game is choke full of content from start to finish. And the beauty of it is that some things change when you play the game on harder difficulties and not just the A.I. NPCs have new dialogue, bosses have new strategies and even the interaction between a few characters is changed. I guess you can see I love MGS4 :)

OK I am going to end this blog here for fear of no one is going to read beyond this point due to boredom

Hope you enjoyed it and leave comments on how I could improve it.