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Down with Early Access... Quality is an important part of software, why the hell would I want to use software without it?

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  • I've been playing this since getting it from Games with Gold. I was going to take a pass on this entire series since it seemed daunting to catch up on the canon, but this is an incredible game in its own right.

    I thought I was done with open world games, but this is an open world you just want to be in. Most of the things you do in this game are fun at a mechanical level.

  • I played through Episode 1 in a single sitting. While the luster of a brand new game franchise and paradigm is gone, they are still hitting all the right marks with their stories and have improved their UI in how you interact with the game.

    I am surprised how dark they get. I don't think a television show would put a kid through what they are doing in such explicit graphic detail.

  • I keep coming back to this. (Golden Keys are a nice enticement - good move Gearbox.)

  • What a great multiplayer game. Every moment gives you so many options, and it requires enough skill that every success is rewarding.

  • Have newborn baby. Have to put on some sort of music to calm her. Have need to dust off brain.

    Left arm, baby, right hand, mouse, eyes on Super Hexagon.

    My older daughter asked me why I kept making the computer go "Game Over" "Game Over" "Game Over" "Game Over"...

  • I don't often have an opportunity for local co-op. This suited it well and made me wish we had 4 players instead of 2! Nicely balanced player characters' abilities lead to some intense moments. Victory is so satisfying, defeat painful but fair.

  • First impressions of this have been good. I love the art and animation, and I look forward to seeing what kinds of challenges the game has to offer.