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First ever Giant Bomblog - Bastion madness

So, this is my first ever Giant Bomblog. If you already know me, congratulations, you're a very blessed group of people. If you do not, consider this a great big "Pleased to meet you!" My name is Dylan and I'm a 24 year old gamer / graphic designer /  social media marketing enthusiast . I have been aware of the website for a long time but never paid it much mind beyond "These guys are pretty groovy". Recently, the Giant Bombcast has been helping me keep my sanity at work for the past few weeks. Even more recently, I signed up for an account for the community endeavors and have never looked back. I look forward to spending a lot of time helping out around here. 
With that being said, let's get onto a game which just recently caught my eye, Bastion.  The title is being developed by Supergiant and while it may be a year away, it is absolutely breathtaking in its delivery.  The tone of the entire piece is crafted expertly through careful use of a narrator which reacts to the actions performed by the player. Instead of merely picking up a stat-boosting accessory with a non-descript title, the narrator describes the hero as having picked up a "memento from a girl he knew, always used to fancy her". This serves the valuable purpose of establishing an emotional connection to the protagonist while also providing audio cues as to the overall tone. A gritty noir atmosphere is established by terminology such as Gasfellas, and Scumbags; they even make mention of "popping" someone good.  A miniboss bares much more emotional gravity when announced as  "A big ole' fella" by the gravelly-voiced Tom Waits-ish narrator.  
Combine this unique approach with a rich visual style similar to that of Disgaea or Diablo and you have what looks to be a pretty ass-kicking title. High hopes for this bad boy, can't wait to keep an eye on the production of this art house classic.