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Games as Art

As the generation raised on Pac-Man and Mario come into their own as adults in this world, the debate is being waged as to whether or not games are an art form. Just as Radio and Television have done in the past, Gaming will have to prove itself to the scowling masses. This is a list of games that I personally believe are a firm testament to the fact that gaming at its most paramount can be appreciated on the same level as any Monet or Manet . Join me won't you, and drop me a line if you think there's anything that belongs rightfully on this list.

List items

  • We've only seen a little of this game so far, but the rich visual style and the gritty way that the narration reacts to the player proves that games can move people as a work of art.

  • Following in the footsteps of Braid, Limbo brings a thick atmospheric vibe to the puzzle platforming genre. Crossing into Limbo in search of the salvation of your missing sister, the concept holds up to the likes of Dante's Inferno.

  • The tragic tale of a man seeking to repair a relationship with a princess through the manipulation of time itself. This masterpiece combines puzzle platforming with dealing with the concepts of causality and time control. The underlying message? Don't mess with nuclear weapons.

  • Sprawling underwater art deco skyscrapers, drippy hallways, and insane super-powered citizens make Bioshock a memorably atmospheric fight against (or in favor of) tyranny.

  • The sequel further explores the humanity of the little sisters and big daddies, allowing you to play as the revived Delta Daddy fighting to rescue his designated Little Sister from captivity.

  • The entire Mario franchise should be mentioned here, I feel. While the Mario franchise, with the exception of Super Mario RPG, may be essentially plot-free, the level design of these games has always been paramount. One may admire an exceptionally well-crafted planet in Super Mario Galaxy just as one would pore over one of M.C. Escher's masterpieces.

  • This game revolutionized the tactics genre in a big way. Never before was such a darkly humorous tale of devilish redemption told in such a vividly rich style.