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Just make the crystals easier to earn. Like a lot easier. Like 5k per game easier. Easy fix, just makes them less of a valuable purchase

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It's a bad model. And I probably won't be playing. But that's more of a general disinterest in Star Wars rather than about the game being bad. From a tiny amount of actual research, It's pretty obvious that those numbers are waaaaaay exaggerated.

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@tuxedocruise: That's where I ended up getting two of them finally. I was level 16 by then, and a rank 4 sorcerer after having cast exactly 0 spells in the class

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So I'm finally playing this game after missing the boat years ago when it first came out. After much online research, I decided a direction to build my character: sacrifice every other stat for min-maxed magic attack. Naturally, I'd be building my pawn the same way. Basically, that means going lvl 1-10 as a mage, and switching to sorcerer as soon as that option opens up since that class gives you the most magic attack per level possible. Since respeccing isn't an option and leveling happens automatically, I knew I'd have to pay close attention to levels and switch the INSTANT I hit level 10. So I made my Terry Crews mage and named him BODYWASH!!!! and made my pawn, also a Terry Crews mage except with his height slider all the way down and his voice octaves all the way up and named him MINIWASH!!!! and together, we set out into the world.

Except, winners carry all the groceries in one trip. So at the same time, I'm also going for the trophy for completing all sidequests...and I'm also going for the trophy for beating the game on hard mode. As both of these things massively buff how much experience you get as you play, inevitably, I wasn't even halfway to the normal point where you could change your class when I hit level 10. I thought I was screwed. Luckily, the main Dark Arisen DLC NPC shows up in your village practically right away, and she can change your class for you too. So at level 10, I managed to make both myself and my pawn a sorcerer so I was set and on my way to becoming the most powerful spellcaster possible.

One problem though: something the Dark Arisen DLC NPC can't do is sell weapons. And you don't get access to the only weapon type the sorcerer can use until that normal class-switching NPC shows up. So, locked out of all my spells until that point, I was faced with a decision.

Option 1: try to make it through with punches and kicks that do basically no damage in a world where thanks to the difficulty I chose for myself, any enemy can 1-shot me

Option 2: invest in a class that raises a different stat when you level, maybe stamina, which is also very useful to magic users. I wouldn't be min-maxed, but my character would be far more balanced.

But there's another word for "balanced": COWARD! So, retaining my honor and dignity, I took advantage of my ability to have a 4-man party, and proceeded to hire two pawns to fight for me while Terry Crews and his botched clone watched from the sidelines unable to do anything other than get hit and revive my two actual fighters whenever they fell in combat. Of course, the game isn't meant to be played that way, so what proceeded was a good 6 hours of save-scumming my way through every single encounter of every quest and sidequest on hard mode. It was a harrowing journey filled with many, many 1-shot deaths. But now, after hours and hours of the game asking if I wanted to retry my last encounter on a lower difficulty, I finally made it to a person who would sell me a damn weapon. In this video game celebrated by many as the best action RPG ever, 10 hours into my adventure, I've finally unlocked the ability to attack things.

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I both do and don't like it. I liked the borderlands-style variation in guns you could get. On the other hand, that threw off the PvP balance by a lot, since there were always certain rolls of specific guns that were absurdly overpowered compared to anything else. With this change, you still have to find the gun you want to use. But you don't have to find 100 of them to get the right one to be competitive.

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18 so far. Probably more later. Because I felt like it. And I can afford it. And you're not my real dad so bite me.

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If you count MMO subscriptions, somewhere around $1000 on City of Heroes all told. If not, probably the ~$500 I've spent on Overwatch by now

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I really loved the combat in the game and being able to customize my stuff in a way that got closer to Earth Defense Force than any other game I've ever played.

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This website aside, most of gaming stuff has some sort of aversion to giving anything less than a 7 unless they think it's shit. So any game with a metacritic score under 70 is typically a pretty bad game

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Well on the Ishimura, you can just shoot whatever is causing you problems until it stops moving. On the event horizon, you have to try not to go insane while some sort of etherial space-Satan tries to drive you there and will just outright kill you if that doesn't work for long enough