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I got me some achievements 0

This is by all definition, a mediocre game.  Its story is not at all memorable.  Set before the events of Terminator Salvation, you take part in a rescue mission that has almost nothing to do with the movie.  On the way to an extraction point, John Conner (or the person I assumed to be John Conner, as I was never really sure who it was) and his unremarkable soldier squad A gets a call from unremarkable soldier squad B saying they are stranded in indistinguishable Skynet camp C.  Despite his comm...

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I think I just climaxed 1

I have just beaten this game and let me tell you that by action game standards, it is by no means a short experience.  The total time clocked me in at 14:30 on the normal difficulty, even longer than it took me to beat Ninja Gaiden the first time through.  Still, that didn't stop me from doing it all in one sitting.  From the start of the game, it had its hair-made hooks in me and they only got tighter as I got farther and farther to the point where I'm going to be on a messed up sleep cycle for...

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