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New DS Lite, GT Change, and More

Yeah I haven't posted a blog in a while so I decided to do it.  First off I changed my gamertag.  It is now oO TW1ZTiD Oo so try to make note of that.  The reason I changed it is because I got a free point card and last time I changed it I had to think of a name on a whim because XBL forced me to changed it because of complaint issues.  There we go, I hope it stays that way but you never know.

Onyx is Teh Hawtness =O
Onyx is Teh Hawtness =O
I also got a new DS Lite.  A black Onyx one because my white one broke.  I actually dropped it on the ground lolz.  I like black better anyways =P.  I would have gotten then Crimson red or Cobalt but my friends have those colors and since no one I know has Onyx I wanted to be unique =D.  The only thing is, it gets finger prints on it really easy but besides that I like it.

Now you may be asking "Dude why didn't you wait for a DSi in a week!!!".  Its kind of simple really.  Since my old one was broke and if I got a DSi, since the DSi can't play GBA games.  I couldn't use the Pal Park in Pokemon Pearl or Platinum which was a big feature for me.  Secondly, I like the fact that I can go to my friends house and play both DS and GBA games instead of lugging both handhelds and yes GBA may be old (last gen) but its uber cool =P.  Also theres the fact I didn't want to blow $170 on a DS Lite, with a matte paint job, DSi Ware that I don't care about, a gimmicky camera, and some multimedia features only non-gamers would care about.  So Yeah DS LIte 4Everz!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Join the rebellion!  Anti-DSi!!!!!!   I'm just joking.  I just don't really see a need to buy a DSi right now. 

School wise.  Lolz.  I almost got kicked out Accounting (withdrawn).  My professor basically said "dudez....if your late one more time your gone!!!" so now I can't be late =/.  I did withdraw from 2 other classes (math and Economics) both had horrible professors.  So yeah this semester isn't going so great but hey I got a B in my Accounting Payroll class =D. 

Gaming wise.  Same old.  Except for Pokemon Platinum which rules.  Which I beat the Elite 4 already but I need like 6 Pokemon to complete the national pokedex =/ so yeah.  I downloaded The Pitt for Fallout 3, didn't really get into it though since I was too busy TXTing my Girlfriend since she won't leave me alone =/.  I want to rent GH Metallica but its on very Low Availability =(.  I did rent MadWorld, and beat it.  Short game.  It was good but short.  I still haven't beat RE5, I need a good co-op partner since I refuse to play the game with the horrid AI. 

So yeah.  Good old boring April.  Theres actually raining and thunder right now, so it fits.

Characters I'd like to see in SFIV

Either Yun/Yang from Street Fighter Alpha 3/ SFIII.  They are already in the game (cutscenes) so it wouldn't be totally new.

Another could be Skullomania from the SF EX games.  Just because Skullomania is epic.


Getting SFIV

This is one badass controller
This is one badass controller
Before my 360 broke on my earlier this month.  I was planning on renting SFIV for 360 from Gamefly.  Well turns out that isn't happening.  Also one of my friends wants me to buy the game on Tuesday for PS3 since he only has a PS3 and we've been versing each other in SF since Street Fighter II on SNES/Genesis.  So yeah I'm going try to get at Walmart at 11 AM on Tuesday after my accounting class (if they had Rock Band 2 at 6 PM on release day they should have SFIV at 11 AM). 

I'm also going to buy one of those SFIV fightpads after I get the game. is sold out but says coming soon so I might order it off there unless Capcom gets some more.  I'm going to get the Ken one because, Ken is badass the the black looks nice. 

In other news,  New Street Fighter movie = Fail

Anyone see any previews of that new live action Street Fighter movie?  Street Fighter The Legend of Chun-Li?  It looks so bad.  Not to say the first live action movie was any good but how can you have a Street Fighter movie without Ken?  Or even Ryu?  No Hadoukens = Fail.  I think the only SF movie I ever saw that was good was Street Fighter Alpha which was animated.  So yeah this movie will be bad. 

I guess thats it.  Don't really have nothing else to say.  Except for that this month is turning out to be a great month gaming wise.  Street Fighter IV and Killzone 2.  Two AAA games in one month?  In Q1?!?!?!  Thats unbelieveable =O.

PS3 Stuff and Heat Wave

Well since my 360 broke thanks to E74 error (one red light).  I've been playing my PS3 mostly.  I've made a new PSN account so I've been busy getting some trophies.  its actually turning out to be better then my first account.  I've been playing a lot of Resistance 2 lately but right now my Trophy level is at Level 3 at 90%.  I did buy that NHL 3 on 3 game, its alright.  I did get 52% of the trophies in 2 matches though.  I'm probably going to start on Burnout Paradise tomorrow after classes to get to Level 4, might even be level 5 by the end of the weekend.  If you want to add me my PSN ID is Kr1TiKaL. 

Heat Wave OMG!!!

Believe it or not.  There is a heat wave.  It was 68 degrees today.  68 in the northeast during the winter.  It should be in the 10s-20s but it was almost 70.  Yeah and the funny part is there was still snow on the ground for the whole day xD.  Now its 56 degrees but we have a wind advisory.  According to the weather channel the wind gusts should reach up to 45 MPH.  Next week its suppose to be in the 40s but then after that it will be in the 30s with snow =/  great.  I just hope it doesn't snow when I have to pick up Killzone 2.


A Bit of Both

I'm forward to games like FEAR 2, Street Fighter IV, Killzone 2, and Resident Evil 5.  I'm also still playing games like Resistance 2, Gears of War 2, and of course Fallout 3 considering there is DLC that just came out.



Alright.  Today is December 27 so yeah its two days after Christmas so here is what I did and what I got.

For Christmas I had to go all the way to Boston, MA (grandparents house, dads side).  Everyone was there, like 20+ people.  Gave me a headache by the end of the night.  Also the 4 hour drive doesn't help.  There was lots of foods and cake =D.  It was good the only part I didn't like was all the people because they're loud as hell.  Anyways heres what I got and who I got it from.

  • Left 4 Dead - Parents
  • Fable 2 - Girlfriend
  • Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts - Parents
  • Sonic Unleashed - Parents
  • Resistance 2 Collectors Edition - Parents
  • Animal Crossing City Folk - Parents
  • 120GB Harddrive for 360 - Parents
  • Chocolate - Girlfriend
  • Clothes - Girlfriend
  • $50 iTunes card - Aunt & Uncle
  • Money  (amassing about to $450) - Aunt & Uncle x2, Grandparents, Brother, Sister

So yeah thats what I got.  I think I made out good this year considering we're in a recession even though I wouldn't say its crippling my parents.  Besides the fact my dad didn't want to use the credit card this year, it wasn't like we really had to cut back. 

Alright now Christmas is over.  New Years is coming.  I'm partying but that's another story I'll save for another blog.  I'm on my break and I don't have to go back to college until January 20th so I have lots of free time =D.

Speaking of school.  I've been kind of worried grades wise.  Since I was on academic probation last semester.  If I'm still on it this semester I might be suspended (I doubt it but theres always a chance).  I looked at my grades and it said I had a 2.35 GPA for Fall 2008 but 1.67 overall.  I said that can't be right because if I got 2.35 it should be around 1.80 and I should be ok as far as the probation thing goes.  At first I got nervous (1.67 wtf not even close to 1.80!!!) but then I realized it only counted 2 classes so theres still two more to go.  Since grades aren't officially due till later today.  As long as I get a 1.80 or higher cumulative GPA I should be good.  Again though its still up in the air.  Well besides that next semester is looking good.  I only have classes Tuesdays and Thursday since I take three physical classes and one online class. 

All I can say is.  Left 4 Dead is a great game and everyone should buy it.  Fable 2 is better then I thought.  Animal Crossing City Folk pretty good if you liked that sort of stuff.  Not I'm off to go eat my box of chocolates =P.

Finals and Winter Break

I haven't posted a blog since November so I decided to post one. 

I've got 3 finals this week and I was off today and I'm off Wednesday.  Tomorrow I have two finals and a research paper due (which I'm currently working on), thursday I just have to do a group presentation, and Friday is another final.  Not bad if I say so myself.  Only bad part is I have a final tomorrow at 8 AM and its 11:35 PM right now and I only got 1 page out of 4 done on my research paper. 

Game wise.  I bought Fable 2 Pub games because I plan on getting the game eventually and felt like playing it.  I also bought the new Gears of War 2 maps.  I started back on Mass Effect to get some achievements I missed on the first run and to beat the DLC.  Still playing Fallout 3 and Gears 2. 

Winter Break starts at 2:30 PM (or when I finish my final) on Friday.  I'm off for 36 days and I'm going to enjoy it.

Funny thing happened on XBL the other day.  This guy on my friends' friends list who happens to be a fundamentalist christian (yeah one of these nuts) was saying "You need to be saved" and something about going to hell because I'm catholic or some nonsense.  Was a funny experience.  I just feel bad for people who live around those type of people.

Thats about it.  Now I'm going back to my research paper =/.


PS3 is gaining ground, Wii going downhill

When the Wii and PS3 first launch.  Wii had a major title (LoZ Twilight Princess) and followed by two games closely followed by most hardcore gamers which were Super Mario Galaxy and SSBB.  After SSBB the Wii's game quality just went down hill and its just casual game after casual game with also a over-saturation of shovelware, and we all know what happens to a console with a over-saturation of shovelware *cough* Atari *cough*.  Yeah Wii has its sales but thats about it.  Online multiplayer is horrible, Holiday lineup is a joke, Nintendo seems to not care about core gamers anymore, and most of us core gamers just use Wii as a emulation (Virtual Console games) console.

PS3 on the other hand did the exact opposite.  It went from having hardly any games to having a bunch of quality with a bunch of killer apps.  With the Wii only have Animal Crossing in its holiday lineup.  PS3 has LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2, and even MotorStorm Pacific Rift.  Along with MGS4 from June.  Their online setup is really improving and their online store is really getting a lot of content.  The sales are even improving even if their not at Wii level but really how could you.  The only way that could happen if Sony sold out (I'm looking at you Nintendo). 

So all in all Wii has sales.  PS3 has everything else.  PS3 is a good alternative to 360 but Wii.....I haven't touched mine in since Wario Land Shake it (September) while I play my 360 and PS3 almost every day. 


NXE seems alright

I like the look of it (for the most part) and I like the idea of installing games.

There is just one thing I hate.  Avatars, it really is a Mii ripoff.  I rather stick to my Gears of War 2 gamer picture I got for beating insane then have some cartoony avatar.  It just seems like a stupid attempt for Microsoft to appeal to casuals and ripping off the Wii of course =P. 

Otherwise I like how the menus look now and how themes look on it.  I also like how it has 8-player party/chat.  The other feature I wouldn't say I like but I don't hate either.  Is Netflix.  I'm the type of person who will always say Games > Movies.  I think out of all the movies I own I have 1 blu-ray (Casino Royale) and 5 DVD movies.  Not really a movie person so I think its a pointless feature and I would never pay a monthly fee just to watch movies.  I think its good for people who have it but I don't really see the point.

So basically.

Good:  Menu Design, 8-player chat, installing games

Bad: Avatars

Neutral: Netflix

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