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Even after all these years, Pokemon is still somewhat good. 1

Its actually been about nine years since Red and Blue first came out, and spawned the Pokemon craze.  After the fad died down, the cards, the show, the merchandise.  Here we are in the fourth generation of the handheld RPG Pokemon games.  Its actually pretty good.  The game starts off as any other Pokemon game.  Your about to become a Pokemon trainer.  You get to pick between three starter Pokemon, which are always Grass, Fire, or Water types.  Then you leave your hometown and collect badges, th...

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Best XBLA Game to Date 1

I've been anticipating this game since it was first announced about a year or two ago (I forget the exact date).  It has finally has been released for the Xbox Live Marketplace, so here it my review.Castle Crashers at its core is your basic hack n' slash side-scroller.  If your like me and grew up on the SNES/Genesis then you played tons of these sort of games.  Castle Crashers takes it one step further by implementing RPG elements like leveling up, new skills when leveled up, etc.In the beginni...

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Awesome Multiplayer, so-so single player. 2

First off I want to point out that i'm not really big on the Battlefield series and I only played Battlefield 2 (for PC and original Xbox) briefly.  That being said I thought this game was great, specially the multiplayer aspect.First off i'll start with the single player part of the game.  Basically EA/D.I.C.E. I guess wanted to have a single player that was worth playing in the battlefield series in a way they succeeded and in a way they didn't.  There is a story even though I found it to be k...

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