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My Problems With RE5 PVP

First off I wanted to say I love everything else about RE5 and it's probably my game of the year. But I'm finding the new RE5 PVP is full of glitches and small things to piss you off. Did any of you guys notice this?

  • It will say that a match has already started once and then when you go back again that same match is still there and you are still unable to join.
  • Sometimes if you kill someone, as soon as you go to steal their gun they will respawn right behind you and since you are already weakened from fighting them a few seconds ago you don't stand a chance.
  • Some enemies will walk into your opponents but won't attack them only to attack you a few seconds later.
  • There are really no way to tell if people are your skill level. (Although I can understand how they didn't want to have a ranking system)
  • It's full of kill stealers... well not really capcoms fault.

    I'm not complaining because I lose a lot since I win most of my games but I just think that it would be a better experience if some of these things were fixed over time. How are you guys liking the PVP? 

I'm Going To Be Around A Lot More

Well since I stopped visiting "the evil site" and started listening to the Bombcast almost every night this place is my new home. I have a long easter break so I'll be posting on the forums a lot and editing some wikis for the next little while. I hope to find some new friends and I'll try and comment on everyones blog. This place rocks!


Funniest game...

For me it was probably Lego Indiana Jones that I got with my 360. I just found something hilarious about giant lego spiders and crocodiles coming to get me, only to get lashed by my lego whip and exploding into a thousand pieces.


A Bit Of Both

Well I haven't started buying 2009 games yet but I am definitely buying RE5 and the New Halos. I just got my Xbox so I'm playing a bunch of 2007-2008 games like Halo 3, Gears 2, Bioshock, and Rock Band 2