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ShadowKiller: Favorites

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  • This was my first 1000/1000 and a great game to play online. At first I found it odd how quickly you died compared to Halo but I quickly got used to it and now it hardly leaves my top 5 played games.

  • When I first got this game I didn't really play it that much until my other friends started to get into it. I started playing it about 10 hours a day with a few friends during the rainy summer and who knew zombie apocalypses could be so fun?

  • This was my first game I ever played and I probably wouldn't even be into gaming without discovering how fun it was through pokemon.

  • The multiplayer and Custom games with your friends is amazing. Halo 3 has enough multiplayer content to keep me coming back until the next Xbox comes out.

  • This was the reason I bought a gamecube and my first FPS. It opened my eyes to a bigger gaming world and it was the first time I ever really got scared during a game (I was about 6 at the time and the beginning scared me so much it took me about a week to walk through the frigate).

  • What really stands out here is the story. You think you know everything but really you know nothing. Amazing game.

  • I probably played the demo for more than 8 hours but I never imagined I'd go back and play this game over and over again. I actually went out to the mall 8 in the morning and went to 5 different stores before I found the only non-preordered copy.