Frustrations with Black Op's Zombie Modes (when others ragequit)

For the past two weeks, I have been playing the popular Zombie mode on Call of Duty: Black Ops with some of my PSN friends and mostly with random people that you join into their rooms when you search for a match to join. Lately, I have been noticing a sharp spike in people leaving in the middle of the matches or the hosts ending the match because of the dumbest reasons. Here are some of my issues with others who do this on a regular basis:
1. Host Ending The Match Due to Rage/Dumb Reasons: This has been happening to me quite a bit in the past 5 days. I join a match on FIVE, we get playing, and after several rounds the host (on his mic) begins to argue with one of the mic-less players who is attempting to steal his window or keeps stealing his kills. After demanding for several minutes and failing to convey the message to the idiot properly that he should step aside and go find his own window to protect, I find myself staring at the "Host Ended Game" screen while the host goes on a short tirade as to why he quit the match. Seriously? Quitting the entire match and ruining the experience for everyone else in the room just because some n00b keeps getting in your way? How childish of you to do that to those in the room with you. In addition, those who host games and spam the mic with loud music or racist comments just to irritate others in the match really tick me off as well. 
2. Teammates Rage-quitting After Getting Downed: This has only occurred 3 times in the past week (around 20 matches on Kino der Toten and FIVE that I have played), but raging over getting downed by Zombies and then quitting the match before we can even reach the person in question to revive them? How stupid are you? Why bother playing the game if you hate getting downed by the horde of the undead when you know that eventually it will happen to everyone in the room? Quitting on Round 5 because a Crawler downed you due to your ignorance of your surrounding when patching up the windows is lame and quite cheap indeed. 
3. Failing to Revive A Downed Teammate, Even When There is No Zombies in Sight For Dumb Reasons: This happened to me yesterday. I had a Porter's X2 Raygun and a upgraded AUG (with the added-on shotgun feature) and was trying to help my struggling teammates out from their sticky situation (they had gotten surrounded by 15 or so Zombies and were having issues with their normal MPK5's and M16's killing the horde fast enough). I helped them, but was downed by one of those gas-erupting crawlers that had exploded next to me after I had gotten tagged by a zombie while I blasted it's head off. To my shock, my teammates just stood there and watched me die, making remarks such as what follows:
Me: Quick...pick me up. The box is in the left room where we started upstairs.
Player 3: Should we revive him? He got us out of that mess...
Player 2: No...he has to learn his lesson. He deserves to die for doing that...
Me: Wait...what?
Player 3: What are you talking about?
Player 2: He stole all of our kills there...he needs to learn to respect our potential kills. We need points too...
Me: Pick me up, you idiots! I have a upgraded Ray Gun and AUG! I helped you out so you didn't get owned back there!
Player 3: Idiot? I'll show you a idiot (proceeds to tea-bag me while spinning around as I knife him and eventually die)
Player 2: the host going to bitch about it to his mommy? (said in a heavily-sarcastic tone)
Me: Screw you guys...I am turning my mic off. Just remember why I won't be reviving either of you knuckleheads when you get downed.

Eventually, when they did get downed two rounds later by a snarling horde of zombies down in the labs, I ignored them and their pleas on the mic before getting surrounded myself several seconds later and having the match end with my death (Player 4 had died earlier after getting caught in a corner upstairs by the Mystery Box and owned).
There...I have listed off my issues with some of the people who play Zombies online. Anyone else had these kind of things happen to them when they play Zombies on Black Ops?