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Almost Perfect: The Greatest NASCAR Game on iMac! 0

Since the day that NASCAR Racing Season 2003 (NR2003)launched, I have been longing to play the game that everyone was buzzing about. People mentioned how it outclassed the console NASCAR games produced by EA Sports, was able to be modified to include new series that could be used, how the online racing was impressive, and how the game could be constantly updated with new tracks, paint schemes, and other stuff as the community that supported it expanded and flourished. At the time it launched, I ...

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(Pyromanina) A solid addition to the Team Fortress 2 family. 0

For years, loyal Team Fortress 2 fans pondered the day that Valve would finally release the last of the "Meet the..." video that would at last feature the Pyro. On June 24th, 2012, Valve began the 1st day of the three day celebration of the upcoming Pyromania Update, which featured new weapon/item sets for the Sniper (The Urban Professional Pack), Scout (The Public Enemy Pack), Soldier (The Dumpster Diver Pack), and Pyro (Pyromania Pack), a new gameplay mode (Special Delivery CTF), a new map (Do...

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(Mann vs Machine) Delivers the a flawed way. 0

When Valve finally pulled off the covers to reveal the upcoming release of the Mann vs Machine Update, one of the biggest changes to the standard TF2 formula since it originally launched, I had high hopes that Valve could once again deliver awesome content to the loyal fan base. The idea of 6-player co-op action against the robotic hordes of Gray Mann as he seeks to bring Mann Co. to it's knees sounded downright awesome, and the prospects of not only new maps, enemies, and getting new items, but...

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The greatest NASCAR console game to date. 0

Of all of the NASCAR games that EA Sports released from 1997 through 2008, there is one game that stands out above all others in terms of gameplay and overall quality, and that game is NASCAR Thunder 2004. Released for the PS2, PSOne, Xbox, and PC back in September 2003, NASCAR Thunder 2004 took me by surprise as a gamer when I first got it in 2003 for the PS2. I had played the prior two releases (NASCAR Thunder 2002 and 2003) and didn't care much for them, but NASCAR Thunder 2004 blew me away a...

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