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GOTY 2011

I thought 2011 was a great year for games, its the first year I've had to sit down and really think about what my top 10 games of the year are, first of all I'd like to say some honorary mentions:

  • Pokemon: Black and White: I knew this wouldn't be one of my top 10 games as it's just a Pokemon game, but when I thought about it, I really liked this game. The story was interesting and how they flipped the ending was cool. Unfortunately what ruined it for me was that my DS would not connect to the Internet so I couldn't do any of the online trading/battling which is what caused me to put 100+ hours into Pokemon: Pearl a few years ago.
  • Frozen Synapse: I thought this was a great turn based strategy game, I don't think I've ever played anything quite like it before. Unfortunately I fizzled out on it quite quick, and never really payed attention to the story so I can't say it's one of the best games I've played this year.
  • Jamestown: I love Jamestown, you don't know how close it was to getting on this list. I love the graphics, the story, the music, the content, the challenge rooms, the unlockables. There's so much to this game, but I think in the end there's only 5 or 6 levels in the game and I couldn't play this for hours on end.

List items

  • I was actually quite surprised that this game topped my list, it's just a puzzle game and once you play it there's not much reason to play it again. Well there is the co-op I suppose.

    But then I thought about it, and this game had the best story of any game this year, it was funny and brilliantly told and a mind-blowing ending. This was the only game this year I rushed to the shops to buy it as soon as I had the chance, I wanted it that bad.

  • Here's another game I never thought would be in my top 10 let alone the top 3 this year. I've never played a Saints Row game, they always looked like stupid GTA rip offs, and this one looked the same at first. It was only until Jeff and Ryan say I should play this game was when I checked it out, and I'm so glad I did. This game is so stupid and crazy, flying through a moving airplane, having a shootout in the middle of the street while riding on a chariot being pulled by a gimp, naked Russians and Burt Reynolds!

    Yeah, this game is pretty crazy.

  • I was looking forward to this game since it was first announced, I'm a huge fan of the first three Rayman games, the stuff after that, not so great. But when Ubisoft said they were doing a god honest Rayman game again I was over the moon.

    The art style is amazing, the music is fantastic, its such a pleasure to play. Also the attention to detail, seeing some of the enemies/characters from the first Rayman game was cool.

  • I only got this game recently, I had heard so many good things about it, I watched all of the building the Bastion videos but I still just though this was another XBLA game with simple gameplay and very short. Oh how I was wrong.

    I'm glad I bought this, the gameplay is brilliant, the balance and upgrade system for each weapon is well thought out, and of course the story and narration is the real reason to play this game, very enjoyable.

  • Sykrim probably would of been higher on my list, possibly even number one, except I didn't get a chance to play it that much. What I did play of it I loved though, I didn't do much of the main story quest, but I loved exploring the world, finding bandit camps and killing everyone in them without any of them seeing me and the thieves guild storyline I thought was great.

    Fantastic game, even if there were a few bugs in it.

  • This game was such a delight. I love the Phoenix Wright games, so a new game made by the people who made Phoenix Wright is exactly what I want. It has a fantastic story, the gameplay and control system is fantastic and the game looks beautiful. Only problem I had with this game is the lack of replay value, there's not much making me want to play this game again although one day I will play it again.

  • I loved the style of this game, I was one of the people was expecting GTA 1940s from this and instantly turned away from it. Until I saw one of the trailers from it which showed it was more of a detective crime game, the interrogation sequences made it look like a 3D Phoenix Wright game.

    When I played it I was not disappointed, great gameplay, great graphics, the face tracking technology is amazing. I thought the story was good except there were a lot of loop holes and I don't feel it was executed as well.

    Why is there a video tape showing all the bad guys talking, and someone has clearly edited the film as there were multiple camera angles of it, and the cameras must have been right in the faces of the bad guys as well, did they not mind being filmed while talking about their evil plans in public. I thought the very ending was rushed, the twist in the game was good but also executed poorly. I didn't feel for Coles family, and when he kept seeing the German girl I just thought he was an asshole, and the way you get disconnected from each desk, there never feels like there's any closure in any case until the end,

    This game would be higher up on my list if it weren't for some of those big story problems, apart from that though, the game was very fun to play.

  • I'm not much of a racing game fan, but Dirt 3 really blew me away with the amount of content in it. There were so many things to unlock and do, different race types and challenges to compete in. Also the game looked fantastic, I loved the art style. Also the multiplayer was fantastic, that cat and mouse mode is possibly the most fun I've had with multiplayer this year.

  • Fuck this game! God damn is this frustrating as hell! Fucking Blight Town! Fucking shit fuck!!

    But apart from saying that repeatedly, I spent a lot of time playing this, I love the gameplay, the fact there's so much hidden stuff in the game, shoot a dragons tails for 30 minutes to get one of the best swords in the game, I never would of guessed to do that. This is easily one of the best games I've played this year, but man is it hard.

  • Another game I only just started playing recently, it was either this of Jamestown for the number 10 spot, and I think I made the right choice. Jamestown has a lot of content, but I never played that games for several hours on end into the middle of the night, I did with Dungeons of Dredmor though. It took a while for this game to click with me, but I love the turn based combat, the items, the crafting, the humor, the size of the dungeons. I think this game is fun as hell and I'm sure I will continue playing this into the new year.