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Annoying Controls and Repetitive Boss Battles the Video Game 0

Mario vs Donkey Kong 2: March of the Mini's is the second installment in the Mario vs Donkey Kong Series. In the first game on the GBA you had direct control over Mario and had to collect a key to get to the next part of the stage where you then had to free a Mini-Mario in his little capsule. Along the way you could get the three presents in each level which gave you a mini-game to get some 1-Ups. The first game was a fun puzzle adventure, it played well, had good replay value with Expert mode o...

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A mega DS shooter 0

Mega Man ZX is the latest series of Mega Man games, bar Mega Man Star Force. They were both released in 2006. The game is the 6th in the Mega Man series and features anime cut scenes with Japanese voice acting.Mega Man ZX follows on from the Mega Man Zero series and includes the same game play.GAMEPLAYThe game works the same as Mega Man Zero, you decided who to control, you can be a boy or a girl, Vent or Aile, you control one of them and run left or right through all the different places in the...

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Mario Kart Wii 0


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