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It barely ran on my craptop, but I still played through it. Just that good.

I really hope the VR version hits PSVR.

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Yoinked Nuclear Throne. Many thankings!

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There's a sweet spot for me. Not too soon, not too late. If it's too soon, I don't want it because I just spent $60 bucks on the game proper. (RE7 is a good example... I want the DLC, but not for a while yet) If it's too late, I've moved on and will wait for a deep discount and some boredom to bring me back.

I think 2-3 months after release is my most likely time for buying DLC right out the gate in most circumstances.

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Can't think of any that messed me up (Wolf 3D gave me nightmares... not exactly age-appropriate, though), but this reminds me of the game Boppin', which definitely hides some nastiness under its cute, colorful puzzle gaming surface. Don't know if it was actually intended for kids, but 99% of the game is perfectly family friendly.

It's a weird example as later releases hid the violent stuff away behind a code, but at least one version of the game starts with the developer splash screen (Accursed Toys) depicting a teddy bear with a knife in its chest and blood pouring out. On top of that, the playable characters, upon failing a level, would graphically commit suicide.

Again, everything else in the game? Entirely acceptable for any age. It was such an odd thing.

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My current top 6:

1. Lazy Game Reviews/LGR - A mellow, informative, funny channel that focuses mainly on 90s PC games and hardware. His big-box game collection is truly something to behold.

2. Ashens - We all know Ashens and his famous couch, right? The king of tat himself.

3. Bowlingotter - A Let's Play channel by a husband-and-wife team. Admittedly an acquired taste, as most LP channels are, but I like 'em.

4. Polygon - Namely, that goodgood McElroy content. I know Polygon's very existence gets people's ire up, but Griffin, Justin, Nick and Russ put out some straight fiyah.

5. GloomyHouse - A quick scan of his video list makes it look like yet another "You won't BELIEVE this SHOCKING footage!" Youtube click mill, but beyond the terrible titles and thumbnails are some great horror-themed "countdown" videos. Worth noting that it's a fair bit darker than its fellow horror content aggregators, though... for every video on fun, fictional "ghost footage" and the like, there's also plenty of actual death and tragedy. Tread carefully.

6. Memory Hole - It's like Everything Is Terrible if EIT were focused on the dregs of home video instead of the dregs of television, and with the added bonus of making you horribly uneasy.

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I have nothing to say about CAH other than "It was fun for a while and the potato thing was amusing", but I want in on this Fuck Monopoly train.

Ey yo... fuck Monopoly, though. I'm on that Don't Wake Daddy tip. Now THAT'S a game!

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They really should add a sort of board game to break up the minigames. Give it a Mario theme, maybe, for a proper party.

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David Cronenberg. Batarangs made of living flesh. Think about it.

Jokes aside, I'd actually like to see someone like Cronenberg, Aronofsky, or Lynch tackle Batman.

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Mass Effect almost certainly unless it's a trainwreck. None of the others really do it for me. Maybe Ghost Recon when it's stupidly cheap during a sale.

It's rare that I do full-priced games, and I already recently bought RE7 at full price, so I'm being good for a while and sticking to titles that I waited on last year.

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@shagge: My local arcade had one of those back in the early 90's. What a ripoff. It cost like $2 to play one round of a half-assed fighting game with atrocious display lag.

I think you're thinking of Holosseum, which had an identical cabinet and hologram tech. Either way, though, you're quite right, haha. Only difference with Time Traveler was that it was an FMV game with Dragon's Lair gameplay and even more guesswork.