Uncharted 3, the worst combat in a game since Uncharted 2

Everything about uncharted 3 is pretty stellar, except for the terrible combat. Normally I groan in games with the too stupid AI, but in uncharted the smarter AI make the awful combat controls even more glaring. The ps3 controller is awful for this type of combat, and it doesnt help that the controller moves the camera too slow for the dozens of snipers at once that surround you in every combat situation.

I quit playing the 2nd uncharted because the combat was so awful and unfun. I'm at the final stage of 3, but goddamn do i hate the frustrating combat. If it weren't for the story that keeps pushing me I would have broken this disc in half. How can a developer create a game where half of the experience is so terrible?


Help with a new TCG (trading card game)

I've grown up playing a lot of table top RPG's including the grand old Magic: The Gathering. I'm working on building a TCG as one of my next games and thought I would come by here and see what sort of things you guys would like to see in one.

A little bit of info to start.

The game will be turn - by - turn multiplayer and built in unity. Apple's Gamecenter doesn't support turn-by-turn and Openfeint doesn't support turn-by-turn in unity, so we are currently working on building our own servers. I know a lot of people don't like having to create new accounts to play games, so I'm talking to electrotank (they make the server software) about easy ways to login and store info. Maybe something like a facebook login or a way to plug into gamecenter accounts. Nothing concrete yet on this.

Steampunk setting. All the card games I've played (MTG, WoW etc) are set in high fantasy. I like that genre but I'd like to switch it up a bit.

Taking advantage of the medium: While the game is a TCG at heart, there are some things we feel are outdated that can changed for the digital medium. When this stuff is more fleshed out I can get into it more.

The game is still early in development but I wanted to see what everyone thinks about card types. I have a list of 300 starter cards and what they do, but it would be fun to get some more ideas from you guys before I started working on art.

So do you have any ideas for card types? You know, things like +3 attack for the next 2 turns. Or, allies on the opponents side are confused for a turn and attack each other.    


What books should I read before Star Wars the Old Republic MMO?

I like reading the corny video game books that are out before any rpg I really want to get into. I read all the warcraft books back before the WoW launch.  I've read all the Mass Effect and Dragon Age books, the Witcher books, some Starcraft books etc etc. 
I wanted to read some Star Wars books before the MMO is out but I have no idea where to even begin. There are tons of star wars books out there, so i thought I'd ask if any of you fine gentlemen could give me a list.


Shaun White Skateboarding is Buggy as all Hell

I'm enjoying the game (other than as Jeff pointed out the complete retardedness of the ads), but it is crazy buggy. Jumping does random things sometimes with the A button and wall riding is almost impossible. I'll jump to wallride and the character will just fall off the ledge, skate for a second, and then jump. It's killing me. 
There are problems with getting stuck in the terrain and having it kill you and destroy all your flow. 
It is also hard to jump onto the rails. it feels like you ollie way too high and if you are moving fast you can have issues hitting the rails. 
Other than these few things I'm enjoying it. It doesnt feel as solid as the old tony hawk games but its a nice change of pace from that crazy series.

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