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Best of 2009

ShalashaskaUK666: Best of 2009

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  • It's amazingly authentic to the time period, and extremely involving to fans of the first, and WHAT an ending!! The perfect sequel!

  • Perfect example of its genre, amazing graphics, flawless physics and an involving learning curve that genuinely encourages you to get better.

  • PERFECT controls and realisation of character. Awesome character designs twinned with cool gadgets and overall aesthetic really brought the world of the Dark Knight to life.

  • Sometimes we just want to have fun, screw moral choices and thought provoking cinematics. Inside some of us is a destructive nihilist waiting to be unleashed, Prototype allowed us to be a complete psychopathic monster, hurling cars at innocent people and skewering entire police squads with massive spikes, a massive smile across our collective faces.

  • Came out of nowhere with a neat premise, tight controls and a fantastic upgrade system. Creating a genuine want to explore the gameworld is a hard thing to accomplish, but SC perfected it, also rewarding us with one of the most intrinsically linked environments in a very long time.

  • Exceptional online multiplayer, some more of a good thing!

  • Perfect timing windows with music these games were inspired and made for equals the best guitar hero game since part 3.

  • Nonstop thrill ride, just not much replay value after completion.

  • Building on an intuitive control system with more exploring free roam elements, fun hall of meat crash mode, and more tricks, this has established a dedicated cult fanbase of real world skaters. Tony who?

  • Survival horror at its rawest, pixel perfect shooting with a fun storyline for the fans.