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For the fans, cult or otherwise 3

Well its finally here, when this was first announced I think even the most devoted Saw fanatic scoffed at the premise that it had come to a videogame adaptation of our beloved franchise.  However since this game was first announced and its release, Saw has become a very different monster, Jigsaw has 'evolved' into a maniacal multi-faceted genius, seemingly capable of precognition, aswell as being an expert in human nature. Therefore he presents a very interesting antagonist in the premise that h...

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Punisher fans ONLY 0

Its playable, I'll give it that! Obviously none of us expected anything other than a COD/Unreal Tourny style game, and thats exactly what we have here, so instead of judge it on what it DOESNT do, I'll instead focus on the positives.It handles fine enough for an arena based shooter, its generic as hell when it comes to menu presentation and overall aesthetic, but it serves a very simple purpose and it serves it well.The 'story' mode is a replica of whats found in the Unreal series, a set of aren...

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