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  • I feel like a big part of whether or not I enjoy an Assassin's Creed game is predicated on how long it's been since I played one prior and enough time had passed for me to fall head over heels for this one. Some fun boating, a huge map of stuff to do and a story that did some interesting things to freshen up the conflict between the Templars and the Assassin's.

  • Despite a god awful PC port, the batman combat is still amazing. The flow of the combat is the best it's ever been and I still love striving for that perfect free flow bonus. They really messed up the Riddler stuff though, I normally enjoy going through a check list of collectibles but traversing around the huge map as Batman never felt good enough for me to get into that collectible flow.

  • I adore this game's style. There's nothing out there quite like it.

    I just wish the combat would click with me. With other character action games, I like to push myself to the upper difficulties but I just couldn't get anywhere on Hard in this one. Maybe one day.

  • I can get really hooked on Clickers but that's the genius thing about this one, It has an ending.

  • I'm not a big fan of telling someone you're playing a game wrong, but sometimes you're just playing a game wrong. I played through Dark Souls 1 (over a period of 2+ years) using only swords and shields and thought it was okay as best. I did not understand anyone's love for the game.

    It wasn't until DS2 that I fell in love with the Souls series. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and started experimenting with weapons and the whole genre blew itself open to me and I've been fiending for this type of game ever since.

  • Man, what a disappointment. In terms of gameplay, level design and the world itself I found a lot to appreciate. It just wasn't enough to justify the sub-par, abruptly ending main story. Such a step down from the first game.

  • A little dense to get into in 2017 but still a fantastic game.

  • Only played through FFX and I enjoyed it as much as the first time. Still the best battle system of any FF game.

  • Without a doubt my favourite GTA game. V may have created Rockstars most impressive world yet, IV has an atmosphere and story that is unmatched by any other game in the series.

  • I enjoyed my time with this one. While ultimately a forgettable experience, the bosses were decent and the world was beautiful. Just wish it had more to it.

  • 16.5 hrs on record

    When this game was first revealed, I thought it looked terrible. Between the original voice actor for Chloe not returning, The removal of the time powers from the first game and it being a prequel, I didn't think there was anything Before the Storm could do that would interest me. I could not have been more wrong. Despite know where the story ends up, I still found myself caring about Chloe and Rachel's stories up until the very end.

  • That first mission, where you're fighting Metal Gear Ray and the music kicks in...I immediately fell in love.

  • Still the best game ever made

  • On paper this is better than Oddysee in every way. However the inclusion of a quick save system keeps it from being my favourite game. Sure, I could not use it. But it's there. So I'm going to use it.

  • On the one hand, It's great to see Abe back. It's been a long time and the Oddworld quintology has a chance to be restarted and completed. Lorne Lanning took a chance on this and it paid off, allowing his team to work on a sequel. I can't not love what this game has allowed Lanning to do.

    On the other hand, This is a game about the perils of capitalism and yet, the game itself has advertisements for other games.

    The original Oddworld was bleak and the Rupture Farms we saw was unpleasant. However here, everything is bright and clean, It looks inviting.

    The original Oddworld is a masterpiece in video game storytelling. Everything about the game works towards telling a complete story. It was constructed with care and detail at every step. This game feels like it made a bunch of concessions to its original vision in favour of getting it out the door.

  • I've sunk so many hours into this game. Between the PS2, Wii, PC and Xbox 360, I've easily completed this at least a dozen times.

  • I liked Saints Row 1 but this one just didn't click with me when I first played it. However coming back to it years later on a definitively worse version somehow changed my tune. While the story hadn't reached Saints Row 3 levels of awesome, The gameplay here is so varied and stupidly fun that I'd rank as among the very best saints row has to offer.

  • Another clicker with an ending. Great style and the numbers just keep going up.

  • Holy cow. I was not expecting to love this as much as I did. I had played a few levels here and there but playing through this in it's entirety made me realise what a masterpiece this really is.

    It also helped me better appreciate how good 2016 Doom is. I honestly don't know which game is better.

  • I feel weird adding this to the list because it is a ongoing game but I reached the level cap and continued playing beyond that and I want to fill this list out.

  • Wasn't expecting this to be such a different type of game but I loved it nontheless. This series has come a long long way

  • I played this when it was first released on the 360 but it just got lost in the shuffle of life. However with Witcher 3 under my belt, I ventured back into Geralts history and i was not disappointed.

  • Simultaneously made me feel like the smartest and dumbest person on the planet. And I did it all on my own (well, except that one area I had to look up the trick)

  • Something about the shooting here felt off to me and I can't put my finger on why. Luckily, the campaign had enough going for it to keep me going to the end.