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  • Fantastic game still. The framing of the scenes, the spaceship porn, its all great. Mako wasn't unbearable, kinda lame tho.

    Gave myself max paragon and renegade for all the dialogue choices. definitely the better way to play the game.

    Side content is abysmal and not worth doing but the main path is kinda all you need.

  • Reports of this campaign were not exaggerated. Just an all around bloody good time

  • Super depressing and not a game I would have actively sought out. so thanks epic!

  • another year, another completion <3

  • I don't like Mr X at all. He's scary and mean and sucky.

  • A return to the move contrained, more challenging combat DmC was originally known for. While I do miss the more freeform action of DmC, this game is undeniably stylish.

  • A nice relaxing hour. Would have been nice to have some throttle control to more liesurely fly around the sparse levels but no games perfect.

    A more open world version of this would be neat but I don't know how you evolve the gameplay to make it worth revisiting this idea.

  • If you can get past the jarring collision of the characters interacting, then this tells a fun little story. I hope microsoft expands game pass on PC because it was super awesome seeing this for free, then cheating my way through the story because I suck at fighting games.

  • While not one part of this game was spectacular, it all came together in a way that elevated the whole experience. The world of Mad Max is perfect for a video game and the story, while somewhat basic, really captures the feel of the movies.

    I'm a little upset that I felt compelled to finish this quickly, in order to move onto Rage 2, as playing this at an accelerated pace somewhat broke the crazy level of immersion I felt throughout.

  • The most revolutionary shooter I've played in years.

  • The more time i put into this game, the more i appreciate it's unique feel. I am ready for more!


    Seriously tho, wouldn't have played this game otherwise and I'm glad I did. Simple puzzle old man simulator that packs a stronger emotional punch than I would have thought going in.

    Also benches!

  • Still a very relaxing, enjoyable experience. Wish it tracked collectibles tho

  • Potentially the first point and click adventure game I've completed and boy was it fantastic. I did have to play it through with a guide but some of the solutions are so esoteric, it's hard to imagine playing through without at least consulting one.

    A great story, lots of great characters and dialogue, some fantastic kickstarter backer implementation. Absolutely willing to try another thing like this.

  • Fun, short puzzle game that isn't super hard, but did stump me a few times. A perfect game pass game!

  • Fulfilling a childhood desire of wanting this game after 20+ years was very cathartic.

    It's impressive just how creatively they were able to stretch the mgs1 engine to allow for all these different mission types. The first 60% is probably your standard VR simulations but when they get into the more 'Kojima' esque puzzle missions it really gets interesting.

    Also being able to play as the ninja is super satisfying, albeit brief and limited in scope.

    Now there isn't much story....*unless* you consider this to be the VR training Raiden underwent before MGS2. Raiden even says to snake "Sneaking mission 60, Weapons 80" in reference to how much he's completed....Which is the exact number of those types of missions in this game! Cool little detail.

  • Very interesting adaptation of Metal Gear into a more tactical game. While the gameplay has some issues (Mainly waiting for specific cards to show up so you can complete a mission specific objective) I had a good time with this. The story is a nonsensical mess but it does it's best to mimic the themes of MGS.

  • Bouncing back from the abysmal Quantum Break, Control is Remedy' best game yet. There were multiple points in the game that upped the ante in a way that left me speechless. Most notably being, a new song, from the Old Gods of Asgard.

  • Riding the high off of control right back into Remedies best game.

    An amazing atmosphere and world to just exist in.

    Thing I noticed: They totally reuse the giant rotating bridge in this game in control.

  • Is this Ska?

    If so, I like Ska.

  • 7 months later. I beat it!

    Phenomenal game. Can't wait for Elden Ring

  • Having not played Until Dawn, this whole experience was new and very gripping. I was fully engaged throughout. The game is a little short, I wish i had played in fewer sessions but I can't refute how invested and drawn in I was.

  • Doing for Spider-Man what the Arkham series did for Batman. Only it's better because it's Spider-Man.

  • I saw credits. That probably doesn't mean I've completed it, because it never does with these types of games, but I'm counting it anyway.

  • Wouldn't have played this if it wasn't on game pass. it's not bad... just not as fully developed as say the witness or the talos principle.

  • Amazing game. I loved everything about this one. It's not perfect, it's very rough in places and could use some more development time, but damn if this isn't an amazing foundation for future games. The world Obsidian has created is a delight (a horribly mismanaged, depressing delight) that I'm excited to see evolve in the future.

  • I really enjoyed this, but i dunno, there's a better game that can be made here. It needs more time in the oven. Both graphically and functionally. The style is one thing, but there needs to be more animations for the camera replays to elevate it to more than just a janky novelty.

    also there needs to be a more replayable, rougelike mode or something. A randomly generated map could be pretty fun to run through, but i guess that's a lot of work. Hope there's another, there's a great foundation to be worked upon here.

    Update: Despite there not being much replayable content I'm still replaying the content. still needs more contentho