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  • I got to the end but had sound turned off and it played the credits without the song and i tried getting a youtube video to line up the song but it wasn't the same :'(

  • Finally got around to that one achievement i was missing, just took me sixish hours ^_^

  • If anything, this feels like IO ironing out a few idea's before their 007 game. Too much story, not enough being a Hitman.

  • This game is good up until the point it decides it wants to be a mech shooter and forgets about all the cool giant monsters. One of my favourite early 360 games.

  • This game is so stupid. But I enjoyed most* of it. Not quite as good as Heavy Rain or Fahrenheit but I'm not sure I'd even call those good.

    *most being about 60-65%


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finally, 2021 is over. that felt like 10 years