Top 9 games of 2019

I told myself I was gonna finish Kingdom Hearts III before making this list and it took me 21 days to accomplish that. That's disgusting. 13 year old me is spinning in his grave.

Honourable mentions:

Death Stranding. The story seems incomprehensible but this seems like a walking simulator I can get behind. Look forward to finishing it in October, 2022.

Disco Elysium. Probably would have been #1 if i had finished it.

Shenmue. Definitely would have been #1 if i finished it.

The Outer Wilds.There's a really good game in here somewhere. Wish I had the patience to find it.

List items

  • It took some time to get up to speed after my 15 year break from the series but from the opening cinematic I reverted to my non grave spinning 13 year old self.

  • Of all the games I played last year, this was the one that got it's claws in me and didn't let go. It wasn't long but it got me excited to play more of this style of game.

  • Quantum Break was missing that special Remedy spark I love so much. Thankfully this game is nothing but that. Can't wait to see the things this game is hopefully working towards.

  • Come, Sekiro!

  • 69 apex packs [√]

    420 apex packs []

  • Fallout 1 was better but that's not really a fair comparison. Looking forward to seeing what shape the sequel takes.

  • Mr X is scary and I don't like him.

  • It may not be flashy but John Wick Hex does an amazing job of making you feel like John Wick... when it works. I don't know what it was that kept me coming back, but I finished everything the game offered [which really isn't much] and then some.

  • One day, One day I will save you hard mode baby ape!