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Best of 2009

Sharpshooter: Best of 2009

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  • My game of the year right here. The thing is I expected great previews and then an absolute train wreak of a game, just like all the previous Batman games. But instead we were treated to the best single player experience of the year hands down.

  • Fantastic game but I much prefer Batman to Nathan Drake,

  • Then of course we have Modern Warfare 2 for its brilliant multiplayer. The story is ok as well.

  • Another great piece to a great franchise. And yes I have read the books and I like them.

  • Excellent game. Far better than its prequel.

  • Dude nothing more need be said.

  • That box art is just the right message to all those people who choose to boycot this excellent game.

  • Still static shooting but great fun with a friend.

  • A simple yet incredibly fun game that I think I played 8 to 9 times in two weeks.

  • I really enjoyed this game. OK it has its flaws, really big glaring flaws but I still really really enjoyed this game. In fact if there is a catagory for it, best soundtrack of 2009 right here.