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Another unexpected 2021 thing: getting WAY back into original Xbox

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Best of 2009

ShawnS: Best of 2009

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  • For the virtual performances and presentation alone Uncharted 2 is by far the most impressive game I had the chance to play in 2009. I'm even dabbling in multiplayer which I never, never do.

  • This one hits as high as it does because I absolutely hated the first one and never, ever expected to touch this sequel. By persuasion of podcasters alone I picked it up and was surprised and entertained the whole way through to the mind-tweaking (albeit abrupt) conclusion.

  • on DS. Au Naturale.

  • Not being a massive follower of the comics I found everything I know about Batman (and more) crammed into every corner of this game. It drummed up the same sense of fear as BioShock and had that addictive design of a Metroid game with endless things to loop back around the island to unlock.

  • Yes, I'm serious. I've been dreaming of this game since it was first shown as a PS3 tech demo and simply had to buy it as soon as it was available in the U.S. Disappointed at first the oddball Japanese design slowly grew on me and the for-real camera simulation stuff continues to entice me back time and again. I never would've expected it but here it is.

  • I love game music, puzzle games, pixel art, the DS and YMCK. This was a perfect combination of all of those things and remains the best thing on DSiWare to date.

  • Another game whose voice performances and story completely took me by surprise! It's a good shooter with a maddening showdown mechanic that kept my own hands shaking from the tension... and just a little bit of frustration.