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Best of 2010

ShawnS: Best of 2010

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  • It was a close call between the top three but Mass Effect 2 won out with a year of great DLC that just kept coming. Not to mention the 50 hours I spent on the main game. Thinking back, I remember more fun, amazement and emotion than anything else I played in 2010.

  • Absolutely gorgeous and almost fun to play the entire time. Just looking around the world would've been enough for me but there's so much to do and a much more convincing story than GTA4 to get wrapped up in. Undead Nightmare DLC was also a great remix and a smart take on zombie/horror that put me at 109 hours of playtime in 2010.

  • I didn't get to this until November but after a few awkward introductory hours I was hooked. An intelligent, Inception-y story and great atmosphere make up for the repetitive (yet always terrifying) combat. I also bought the DLC as soon as I was finished and both play on the main game mechanics and story in delightful new ways.

  • I didn't expect this third-rate, no-name action/RPG to grab me by the heart even after I played a demo of it but once GameFly sent it out (ahead of a dozen newer games) I found myself in love. Sure, no one part of Nier is very good but as a whole it coalesced into something really special.

  • Brutal, silent, even introspective at times. A wonderfully painful indie offering that I loved exploring.

  • I have Giant Bomb to thank for this one! I gave up watching after two Endurance Runs and decided that this was something I HAD to play myself. It's janky as all hell but, dammit, it's different! And different is exactly what I needed in 2010.

  • The curtain drops pretty quickly but for a time the magic was working and I fell under the Kinect spell. More than anything else in 2010, Kinectimals showed me what Kinect is capable of. It's no Milo and after a dozen hours I wouldn't even call it fun but it is something unique to behold... for a while.

  • Kinda busted and not entirely functional, Costume Quest managed to win me over on style, dialog, and nostalgia. I can go trick or treating -- relive the sugar-fueled memories of my childhood -- all without getting up. I feel like this will be my own personal Charlie Brown special that I bust out each year around October.

  • You wouldn't think a game I swore off after just a few hours would be in my Best Of list but here it is. After a rocky start I finally came to terms with the punishing designs of Super Meat Boy and trounced my way through the majority of the game. I now define my skills by The Cotton Alley.

  • Different was my mantra and different I got. Similar to Deadly Premonition, part of the fun with Endless Ocean is seeing America mirrored back at me by way of a fractured Japanese looking glass. The game itself is full of stuff to see, do and collect and it's vastly improved over the original. The only problem is that it's a Wii game.