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Another unexpected 2021 thing: getting WAY back into original Xbox

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Games I wish I loved better

Aww gee! I thought this was gonna be great but it kinda sucks. Poo!

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  • It's not as Endless Mode, Arcade-y as I had hoped. Cute as all hell but the game just doesn't feel good to me.

  • One of the only games to trigger a physical reaction that made me dizzy and nauseous.

  • Aw dang! Messing with time seemed so cool in those previews but actually doing it (I suffered through it all to accurately tag the music) was a chore... and a bore.

  • Loved it up to Hot Pursuit 2 but once it went Underground they lost all my love. Exotics, not rice burners!!

  • Ya know, I actually liked the original Bubsy but didn't honestly think this one ever looked good.

  • I remember seeing the NEXT Generation cover and thinking if those guys thought it was great, it had to be!

  • I wanted Tetris with physics and garbage, I got Boxxle instead.

  • I wanted Qix with big ships to cut apart, I got Qix with big ships to cut apart but it just doesn't feel like much fun.

  • More buffoonery, less simulation of boring, cops-always-on-your-ass, play-it-by-the-rules reality.

  • Argh! I'm so tired of the stupid Wii Remote not picking up my movements (in most all games) and ruining what would otherwise be a perfectly fun game!

  • For all the wonderful create-it-yourself stuff that I love I just hate kart racing. Yes, even Mario Kart.

  • By the time I knew it existed and tracked down a copy I had already played myself silly of puzzle games for a lifetime. The best part is still the theme song!

  • Gameplay generated around my own music is always fun and having a flashy interface and portability was a big plus but eventually it just got old. More modes and themes is all it'd need to be back on top... for a while.

  • I am ALL for any game that analyzes your music and turns it into gameplay but Audiosurf never really felt fun, in any mode. It was either too boring and simple or too overly complex for me and I actually regret spending money on it.

  • I always liked the look and idea of this series but it never really felt like fun to me.

  • Another drilling game with great art and design but gameplay that left me feeling two shades of 'meh'.

  • The Sixaxis shake was fun for about half a second and the rest of the game, though adorable, vibrant and colorful, was just kinda boring. A patch for trophies woulda been great too!

  • Well it's no Ninja Gaiden, that's for sure. Kind of like the afterbirth of the last 20 years of Japanese games and culture going at it in a giant gangbang. I guess you still have to love it but it's not pretty.

  • I love the effort they put into it but this crap is even less playable than the Dreamcast versions. Ick.

  • Well, at least I got a second Wii Remote out of it

  • Just didn't like it.

  • Yeah, I don't get it either. I just liked Burnout 3's takedowns and progression best of the entire series.

  • Yeah, just not crazy about it, but I wish I were!

  • I looooooved the Rogue Squadron games but something about this one just felt terrible to me. Never been able to enjoy it one bit.

  • Finally God Moded my way through it and though it has some nice story stuff and great art/character design it was still more effort than reward.

  • Just let me push the buttons!!!

  • I'm playing it and enjoying it but I know I'll just wind up wishing it were all better in the end.

  • It had the style and personality of a Neverhood game but it wound up playing like a repetitive action/platformer. I also got hopelessly stuck and gave up... but the soundtrack was great!

  • Andy Serkis as Bohan is probably the best part of this game.

  • Love the most basic of its concept, hate everything else.

  • Good god the Wii Remote hits an all time low in frustratingly incomprehensible motion control with this game! What a mess!

  • it seemed so perfect...

  • Love the art style but it just wound up not being much fun.

  • It starts off simple and fun enough but they layer and layer and layer stuff on until it's not so much a game about absorbing stuff anymore.

  • So terribly hard! And as much as I loved what they tried to do, putting this next to its N64 contemporary -- Wave Race 64 -- made the PlayStation look like a TI calculator.

  • I feel like I would have totally fallen all over this had it come out alongside or even in place of Braid, The Dishwasher or Limbo.

  • Nobody loved the original more than I and so I've never gotten over how fucking fucked they fucked it all up with this game.

  • Great! They've taken it so far away from the Warhawk I loved that they landed right in the middle of Red Faction Guerrilla. Couldn't care less.

  • I hope I can remove it from this list but from the first impression it looks to be missing all the stuff I actually liked about Bloodrayne. Now it's just a Dishwasher/Castlevania clone.

  • All this time waiting for a sequel to Mashed and this official sequel winds up nothing like it.

  • It should be a sequel to No One Can Stop Mr. Domino and it has the goofy, Japanese vignette style with disjointed madness but it doesn't play well with motion controls and the game's scoring system expects perfection from you.

  • Annoying load times between screens and deaths and stupid animation priority for timed puzzles pushed me over the edge. It's gorgeous and has a great soundtrack but nothing more compelling to make it worth the time-wasting, challenging platforming.