Another unexpected 2021 thing: getting WAY back into original Xbox

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Games with unfortunate titles

Misspelled, misinterpreted, mismanaged. Games with unfortunate titles.

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  • It's not even spelled right! And this is a sequel to a series that already existed in the U.S.! Why did this happen!?

  • It sounds like a college frat is attacking a local logging company...that's probably full of 'bears'.

  • Seriously, if you just heard the name outside of the context of Valve, what could you possibly even think this game is about?

  • Because its real title 'Runabout' isn't edgy enough for Americans. GTA wasn't quite so popular at the time but I feel like this title was probably inspired by it. FYI, an 11-79 is police code for 'traffic accident, ambulance dispatched'.