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Great game with a unique problem 0

 This has been a long time coming for a lot of people.   The sequel to the RTS that founded a gameplay framework that was the base to use for future successful titles has come back in a big way.  It's predecessor is well known to be the game that generated an entire national league, and the sequel intends to make sure that players have the tools to push the e-sports scene further than before.  StarCraft 2 promises a compelling narrative, deeper levels of combat with unique missions, and a new co...

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A simple yet great story, Brilliant Execution. 0

Of course this review as every other one is subjective to the point where my experiences with games differ from yours, but hear me for a bit.  Dead Space is a survival horror game that actually progresses the story in every chapter, has very small sections of the game that would be considered to be meaningless, and weapons are inventive.  The enemies of the game are fun to fight and are presented well as monsters we should fear.  But people give it a bad rap for making the game sound like a comp...

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