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Consoles I Heart

These are the consoles that I "heart".

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  • I'm glad I got this system over a Wii or PS3, as the game selection has become more varied and enjoyable. There are still many games I wish to get for it, but already I find that I'm liking what I've got. Things are looking better all the time.

  • Not only did the PS2 feature a lot of great games that I still find myself playing, but it had the backwards compatibility, meaning I could retire my PS before destroying it from constant use. To this day, I use the PS2 more than any other console.

  • Close rival of my beloved PS, the N64 also contributed to many fond memories, but more of the multiplayer variety. While it had that goofy controller, it also had a plethora of fun games, many of which were best with other players by your side.

  • Easily the greatest console to have entered my life. I consider the Playstation as the console that ultimately got me into gaming, and it has attributed to the vast majority of my favorite games and gaming memories *tear*