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A Fantastic Disaster 0

Dead island is by no means a good looking game. It gets the job done with good skin modeling on the enemies with body parts falling apart in semi-realistic ways, if you wail on a guys arm with a baseball bat it's gonna break the arm unless it kills him first. And the exterior environment does give the feeling that not only is this place big, but it is a resort with a town for the workers and such. Though to be picky the human characters are what the problem. They keep the same sheen the zombies ...

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Join the MTB! 0

Now with Xbox Live Arcade is starting to become a real playground for developers that want cheap games to earn some extra income on bigger projects. Sometimes it is hit and miss and at times I do say."Well it is only 15 dollars why not." Trenched is not one of those games.   What makes this game great? It fills a niche. A truly interactive Tower defense. In most tower defense games you are forced you to first set up and hope for the best. Trenched makes you work and rework the battlefield. You a...

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Well worth the price for admission 0

Well Magic the Gathering is back! The Fantastic game released a couple years ago is now back with some improvements. To get this out of the way, all previous dlc does not work for the new game. At first I too was upset and thought that this game wouldn't be worth it, but after checking out the decks which can do even during the trial there is a reason why. 95% of those cards from the previous game are either replaced by much better counterparts or in the game. While some of the Pure decks are go...

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Pain In the A** 2

(Due to complaints I will rewrite and make my former point much more clear then before.) A couple of things to say about brink is that it is a pain in the ass to play in general. The gameplay is very scripted, with different objectives on a limited set of maps that range from extremely easy to insanely difficult especially ones that rely to heavily on teamwork. Though I do enjoy teamwork is the name of the game random people are generally unresponsive and lonewolves towards others. This is where...

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Far from perfect 0

Now a recent trend is coming up to try to capitalize on the low income market."Why pay 60 dollars on first person shooter when you can pay 15 dollars for the same experience." Well Blacklight tango down was what I consider the first success. It had a diverse leveling system and some unique game-play but the problem was it was to in house. The tags and other stats gave no reason explanation and even the developers had to release a series of "guides" to explain it and that got a bit convoluted. No...

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Monster hunter in the Future! 0

Now for all those fans out there that enjoy The Monster Hunter Franchise there is another  game to sink your teeth into, but is it just a bad remake? Is it a bad version of it? Or is it the greatest version ever created! You are about to find out.  Now Game-play wise it plays fairly similar Monster Hunter, where monster hunter specializes in the fantasy aspect that everyone has a choice in what weapon you want, Gods eater limits you to basically a 3 in one weapon. A sword, A gun, and a crazy ass...

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An awesome game. 0

Metal Gear Solid is a Franchise hasn't changed much since it's initial release on NES. Of course besides the obvious graphics and 3d perspective. But the weapons and the crazy war story and the over dramatic soldier fighting to do what is right and to complete his mission hasn't changed yet. Though some things have been added Metal Gear Peace Walker is by far one of the better Metal Gear games Only Matched by MGS4 which is a ps3 game compared to a PSP game.   The game plays on hand-held fever wi...

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Fantastic TRPG 0

For a lot of people that don't know that the Psp has plenty of games that are exclusive to it. The problem is people don't know what to think of new releases. I mean when you think of FF tactics and Tactics ogre I mean they already made a name for their self years ago but new games have to make a large gameplay change to make it unique. Valkyria Chronicles for the ps3 was a great game and Valkyria Chronicles II is a good one too. Using the same gameplay it had in the first one, but taking out so...

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More then just a fan 0

With Marvel Vs Capcom 2 has been in my opinion on of the most played fighting games for crazy combos and hey watching Ryu and Wolverine fight is just awesome but on the competitive side it seemed like only a few characters got the spot light because of the infamous tier system. Marvel vs Capcom 3 has come out and there are some blaring things wrong with it. 1 mission mode, usually it's easy to do the first 2-3 but after that I was spending a lot of time trying to figure out what they wanted me t...

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A Little to late 0

About a year ago Blacklight Tango down came out  for the XBLA and it was a very welcome addition essentially giving another option for FPS that isn't  labeled with a series, but could still hold it's own. 12 maps, large customization, and small co-op made it worth a bit more appealing for a 15 dollar price tag then a COD 60 dollar. Now with Breach that seems to wanna capitalize more on the Battlefield side of gaming with destructible environments and it does "well". It has a much smaller weapon ...

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Dam your songs! 0

Not saying I'm a vivid fan of R&B,Rap, or Pop and Dj hero only made me realize that I knew very little of these songs though I love the beat, the gameplay, not to mention the customizable cross-fading, and scratching. Though what upsets me is the songs are so much better on the game then the songs they come from, and without a "legal" way of obtaining the songs it makes it less likely I'll listen to them and more to the Djhero2 songs, but if you enjoy the first game, this game has more to of...

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I love this game! 0

If you can't tell from the title of this then you should probably stop reading this. I do honestly love this game, the cute retro design, the 8-bit mania, the fact you play as a cube of meat fighting a fetus! But the difficult of this game is why this is a 4.5 not a 5 I can't recommend this to everyone because some people can't time these things and I wouldn't wanna be to bold to say everyone should buy it. But if you love classic plat formers that are packed with insanity then you should defini...

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Alot of bugs? 0

Well I would like to start by saying this game has a lot of bugs, from the minor texture and odd lip syncing where they will move their lips without talking to the major missing npcs? to at some occasions my game froze or my companions just disappear. This game has a lot of problems, but I can't put it down and I might not be able to for at least another month or 2! Fallout New vegas Made a better looking, better playing, and More innovated game. I was so excited from my first play through to no...

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An Arcade game worth it's price. 0

Right off the bat Blacklight: Tango down deserves a bit of bashing because of their Slogan "An AAA game for 15 bucks." This is not an AAA game in terms of disk games. But what this is a very well made game. For PSN XBLA or Steam for 15 bucks you will never get a better price. This game takes the best of several Big shooters(going off 360 specifically) Halo series and Call of duty 4 and up with button controls, twitch shooting, and heavy customization. Despite these great things to say there are ...

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Some Frustration 0

Infinite Space can not be summarized in a few words. It is a very engaging story. Between the battles reading the growth and change of a boy is very enjoyable.  All though it does use a very unique take on the Rock Paper Scissor Style of combat adding in range and factoring in everything your crew is up to, the gauges can be tiresome. Unless you pay complete attention to the tutorial you will not understand 80% of this game. They do a good job with a help section to explain some things but it is...

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