Game of the Year 2017

I might do more intense write-ups later but let's be real, I will most likely not.

List items

  • I did not want to get off Yoko Taro's wild ride. This game has things to say and gets it point across without ever really feeling insincere. I had it at #2 but swapped to #1 after about a week of hard thought.

  • In my opinion the finest CRPG ever made. Up to 4 player co-op distinguishes it even more within the genre.

  • A nice surprise from a studio who has done so-so work in the past. I was fully engrossed in the fiction they created.

  • The first Persona game I put more than a few hours into, and I happily sank in over 90 to play it to completion.

  • Another more than solid expansion to what is, in my opinion, the best MMO on the market right now.

  • A solid remaster that manages both enhance and add on to the original experience

  • A game with perhaps the best encapsulation of the magic of discovery that sadly wears off many hours in once you realize there is not a lot worth discovering (in a narrative sense, at least).

  • Does what a solid sequel should. Iterates and refines the ideas from the original also expanding upon them in meaningful ways.

  • Has too many systems for its own good, but I found myself enjoying it nonetheless.