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Viva La Revolution 0

Assassins Creed III a true follow up to the original video game by UbiSoft developed during the Ezio trilogy saga ACII Brotherhood Revelation that I'd like to pretend never happenedACIII takes place during the American Revolution when the brits were being butt hurt and the present time with some dude named Desmond or Neo What I like + Petting dogsStabbing peopleTomahawks What I don't like - No zombiesNo vampiresCan't assassinate Lincoln...

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Bigger! & Longer! & Fun! 11

Resident Evil 6 is the latest title in the long running video game series from Capcom that has spawn over a dozen games across over 15 yearResident Evil or in Japan known as Bio Hazard originally debuted on Sony PlayStation in 1996Positive +4 campaigns to play from the prospective of up to 7 characters with various location tailor made for that character(s)with Leon Kennedy who debuted in RE2 returning who helped reboot the series thanks to RE4along with the original male protagonist Chris Redfi...

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The Sleeper Hit of The Year! 0

Sleeping Dogs formally known as True Crime Hong Kong before being canceled by Activison and later picked up by Square EnixIs a sandbox 3rd person action adventure game much like the Grand Theft Auto an or Saints Row video gamesYou play both sides of the law as an undercover agent seeking revenge for your late sisters death trying take down criminal gang organizations The Good +The exciting city of Hong Kong is your playgroundClose quarters combat CQC is fluent & funRole playing progression e...

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The Fight for Time & Space 0

Mass Effect 3 is the 3rd installment of the epic Syfi RPG by BioWare Ea  You play as Commander Shepard battling to stop the threat of the reapers that seek to end all life in the universe  The Good +  Story & cut-scenes have better scripting & pacing feeling less artificial     The graphics are the best in the series  it's clear the developers took notes from RockSteady's Batman Arkham on how to use the Unreal Engine Combat is more fluent thanks to better laid out environments & AI ...

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The 2nd Impact 5

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the fallow up to Final Fantasy XIII the 2nd game in the XIII series which is planned to be 3 parts ending with the original standalone mysterious title  "Versus XIII" The Pros +Interesting story that has to do with time & space and cause of that manages to feel like less of "sequel" but a game that can stand on it's own merits    Serah is the protagonist who I believe was the most interesting non playable character from Final Fantasy XIII Lightnings sister & Noel ...

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A Dream Come True! 0

Skyrim is a game we have dreamed of for years and why we are intrigued by video games A bold statement but taking into account of what gaming is Skyrim does it all  providing a game that could take a lifetime of playing making it above & beyond the best value a video game can be  Such could of been the case with Morrowind & Obilivion the 3rd & 4th games of the Elder Scrolls series   But do to poor design choices and bad porting to consoles those games where never really able to live ...

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The Greatest Game Ever 0

Batman Arkham City is the greatest game this generation!  As I stated at one point or another Arkham Asylum is the best game I've played since the Metal Gear Solid series which is the highest complement any game could ever hope to get  Arkham City further fleshed out the great aspects of Arkham Asylum  becoming more Zelda like as appose to Metroid like that was Arkham Asylum     Now placing you in a closed off section of Gotham City as a new measure to imprison the criminally insane  every villa...

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RAGE A Beautiful Game 2

Rage is the latest IP from Id Software in nearly a decade sporting there new graphic engine Id Tech 5Published by Bethesda of the popular Elder Scrolls & Fallout games Rage is the best looking game to date as well a game that will push your PC hardso keep in mind on what version you buy the 360 being 3 disk as opposed to PS3 being 1 disk The game play brings nothing new to the table don't expect a cinematic epic story master pieceor clever new game play mechanics But where Rage shines is the...

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Gears of War Again 0

The 3rd installment of the popular console selling franchise from epic games  is back with new locations & maps to explore via campaign & online co-op & multiplayer  Gears 3 strongest point is co-op which is made clear with the campaign this time around that always has 4 COG soldiers allowing 4 player online co-op through out the journey   The popular online co-op Horde mode know as 2.0 has been revamped based on how the community played Horde 1.0 on Gears 2 allowing player to build ...

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A Vacation To Remember 0

I can't remember the last time I enjoyed messing around grinding in the first portion of a game thanks to the addictive melee combat system & getting those pretty exp points to pop up!That you'll be spending most of your time doing as you slay zombies! on the beautiful paradise resort island known as Dead Island Zombie game were not really relevant till oddly Call of Duty World of War developed by Treyarch would bring usNazi Zombie Mode a 4 player cooperative mode that became it's own game i...

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Deus Ex Solid 2

I'm going to keep this short & sweet ^__^  PLUS +   Varsity of game play Guns/Fisticuffs/Stealth it's up to you how to approach the missions Detailed to Environments the little things like random clutter on the ground etc. like a bottle on the ground in the corner of a alleyway pointless yes but still cool more or less Character Animation is clean some of the best I've seenHigh Replay Value non liner experience throughout the campaign that will never be the same The hacking mini-game on comp...

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The Greatest Super Hero Game Ever! 0

DC Universe Online available on PS3 & PC  as well as for digital download via Sony PSN Store to your PS3 & Valves Steam to your PC  Monthly fee subscription required  DCUO is easily one of the best super hero/villain style games I've ever played  I actually feel as though I'm that character making a difference whether or not it's "good or evil"  & I'm actually apart of the Universe that is the DC Comics Series  As with any MMO it does have a few rough edges that is to be expected wit...

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Series Saved! 2

Multiplayer Review  Black Ops delivers more variety from the casual Combat Training Mode to Zombie 1-4 player offline/online right away you will notice that clearly the controversial MW2 Modern Warfare 2 last years Call of Duty  was a mere Beta if you will and expensive one at that   When you play Black Ops you can clearly tell their is a much better pace and balance play  thanks to major tweaks from TreyArch the developers this time around  the fame creators of one of  the most successful World...

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3rd Times The Charm? 0

Sadly no just like it's previous installments it fails to deliver again with a another one time play forgettable bitter experience of what could of been  Limited world lackadaisical quest poor story telling and overall just to short for a role playing game it does help there is no reply value to be had here  Sure I could go on about the great graphics and decent combat system  but given that we have been fortunate in the last half decade to have a lot of great games  you have to now approach a g...

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A Much Better Paced Game 0

Sense everyone is using Fallout 3 as a example which make since  the game is after all built off Bethesda game engine  so here are the things I think make New Vegas "Better" or refreshing  The focus is more heavy on the sub quest which are more interesting and better written  Societies and faction are the main theme making the world more livelier Characters and voice acting are more intriguing and have more depth an heart   Iron sight view is a nice new feature with new guns which look and feel ...

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It's Solid! 0

Though the the new tweaks here an there feel small but in spite of that MW2 seems to somehow create a whole new experience so... at the end of the day IW has simple put done it again creating a very addictive Multiplayer game oh an Campaign single player is not bad either ^_^ ...

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