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Celestials. They evovled to being cosmic entities and in their ascendance they made the Universe reset and forced Galan to be Galactus.

They have twisted and reformed the Galaxy. They are of the 3 races god put in the MU to create and destory life and record it's passing.

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Now while I feel sorry for kers, I thought Curt was self reliance. Ah Hypocrisy. Now really are any of you surprised this happened? This game has been in development for and no hint or hide of the game.ANd it's a MMO in the everquest model. It is not looking good. Now I like reckoning and hope it get's a properer sequel. I say scrap the mmo and make a multiplayer and do multiplayer dlc things. Because the mmo was NOT a good look.Hopefully the staffomething done for thes out. If they got talent they will find a new job.

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I think everybody is missing the point behind this 'outrage' and 'controversy' why would anybody assume the readers of reviews have sense? What ever would make you think that would be valid? You Have shit like transformers selling billions in tickets and then you get shocked when the masses are mostly at their basest functions?

I say reviews should be buy or don't buy. If somebody has the balls to do that they can avoid most of this craziness.

Scores are a wonky thing, enjoyment is not easily quantifiable by a person. People are very poor at doing such things. It's also why people tend to look back at things and see them wrong.

Keep up these articles I'd like to see more article that invoke thought and communication from the industry and consumers. I think the gaming press can do that role and that is what it should be used for.

Me, I don't care for scores I am not a lesser man. :E