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Gears of Diablo 2

People like loot games. I get it. I'd be a liar if I said I don't enjoy them after putting many hours into games such as Monster Hunter 4 and Diablos 1-3. These games forego all pretense of telling a cohesive story and world building in exchange for the ability to see numbers go up on those new pair of pants you spent hours grinding for. These games are quintessentially comfort food. You play it and enjoy it immensely, but the experience probably wasn't healthy. But let's face it, most games s...

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Wiggle the analog stick to not die... 3

Resident Evil 6 is a checklist game. What is a checklist game? It's a game that tries to take common and popular video game tropes and tries to turn it into something coherent. These games don't have to be bad, mind you. Games like "Darksiders" and even "Borderlands" operate off a checklist and manage to form their own identities.Resident Evil 6 is a bad checklist game. It operates off a checklist that has almost no semblance of structure. Whereas the aforementioned games managed to build a soun...

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Single Player Review 0

The best way I can describe Rage is Borderlands with better A.I. and prettier environments, but without the loot driven RPG experience that made Borderlands fun and addictive. You see, while Borderlands allowed you to level up, get new abilities, and experiment and find new weapons, Rage takes a more traditional FPS approach with a small amount of basic weapons and a light crafting system. In short, most of the time I was playing Rage, I wished I was playing Borderlands instead.Rage is by no mea...

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Come get some....or not. 0

The back of the box states that I should be prepared to embark on "the most bitchin' and bodacious time you're likely to ever have." If you were to use the words "bitchin'" and "bodacious" in front of me, I would recommend that you be institutionalized. As such, if I hadn't  known the fact that the game had been in development for 15 years and was passed around to different developers with different ideas/mindsets, I would recommend that all involved with the production of this product be instit...

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A classic formula, done well. 0

Call of Duty is becoming like a holiday. We've been getting one of these every year around the same time and it's hard to be unique when you're just filling a status-quo that consists of: campaign, multiplayer, and an extra mode.  While Black-Ops does do some new and interesting things with the status-quo, the end result is an entertaining game that's well made, but not very memorable.   Everything you expect from a Call of Duty campaign is here. There's an air vehicle sequence, a land vehicle s...

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