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One year on, PC gamers might be interested in this FEAR meets HL2 experience 0

The current generation of console has now completed the transition from being referred to as the "next gen". While PC games have been showing off "FullHD" 1080p and beyond for a while, consoles have now caught up, at least sometimes. Hardware prices have dropped from £430 and £350 at launch (which in the UK meant the Xbox One, due to exchange rate differences since 2006, released at a higher sticker price than the PlayStation 3) to sales around £300 with one or two free retail ...

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An objective review of The Stanley Parable 0

I have decided to do my bit for the forwarding of the cause for the proliferation of objective reviews of interactive media content by providing a review of The Stanley Parable.This will provide readers with a useful method of deciding if The Stanley Parable if worth investing their time and money in. It will avoid all the wishy washy ideas of subjective analysis and simply provide you, the reader, with what you need.You will, at the end of this process, be capable of making an informed choice b...

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