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There’s a few things that start off just about every day of my life.  The first is a shower, since I like starting the day with a refreshing blast of water in my face. 

The second thing is a hot mug of coffee.  In fact, (and this may be strange to some of you), but I have a coffee pot that I keep set in my unusually large bathroom.  That means that in any given morning, I can step right out of the shower and have a hot mug of coffee waiting for me.  What can I say, I really like coffee!

As a young child, I was reviled by the fierce bitter taste of the coffee bean.  It was an unpleasant beverage when compared to sweeter fare such as Dr. Pepper or apple juice.  Still, as I grew older, I began to lose my taste for the sour and sweet candies I enjoyed most, and began to gravitate towards bitter flavors.  Things like unsweetened teas and coffee.

Coffee is a delightful drink.  In many ways it’s an adventure with every cup, since coffee tastes different every time I brew up a pot full.  This is the nature of extracting a flavor from a living-growing plant that holds a slightly different flavor each and every day of its life and subsequent roasting.  I drink it black too.  No cream, no sugar, I take it straight.  Some people like to put a pinch of salt into their coffee grounds to cut some of the acidity.  I’ve recently tried this, but found I prefer the unaltered nakedness of a hot cup of smooth, bitter coffee.

The coffee I tend to drink every morning is Yuban.  I really like the smell and taste of that particular South American blend, but there is also a strong factor of nostalgia involved, since that was what my father always brewed up every morning.  One of the coffees I really like is the Dunkin Donuts brand.  It is usually expensive to buy at the supermarket, and comes in smaller bags, so It is reserved as a rare treat.  I have always wanted to try a hot cup of coffee at a Dunkin Donuts franchise, but the closest one to California is in Las Vegas…  A little out of the way for morning joe, ya know? (Hey, I rhyme!)

Something I did not know about coffee:  Coffee was used during some religious ceremonies in Africa, and during the 17th century, it was banned in some parts of Turkey as part of a political battle. 

I typically drink 3-4 cups of coffee in a given morning.  That might seem like a lot, but I always picture Fry from Futurama buying 100 $3 cups of coffee in a day with his $300 tax break.