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Lost Planet

I got lost planet 2 weeks ago and it is a good game but unfortunately not addictive.its not the kind of game that you would get excited about first thing in the morning or would play for hours.i would still recommend it because gameplay is relieving and easy.the best thing is the vital suits or VSs which are really good fun.



The Club

At first glance i thought this might be a good game,boy was i start off the idea of a race game fused with a shooting game is a stupid idea.the environments and arenas are ugly and bland although player graphics are good.the gunfire sound is shabby and the guns themselves are not well designed.shooting is repetetive and boring and AI are not very intelligant.



Ghost Recon

I did the stupid thing of not getting the first one first and i didnt have a clue about why the americans were in mexico in the first place but that didnt matter because ghost recon is a brilliant is a perfect game for a hardcore war gamer like myself but may be a bit confusing for the average gamer but you will still get in the hang of it after while and you will most definately like.if you are the gamer who likes to blow everything up and run in front of five machine guns and take them all out at once,get another game but this is a tactical game that will be impossible if you dont use your head