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I am the transport coordinator for a non-profit low cost spay/neuter clinic in Bloomington, IN. I see ovaries and testicles get removed on an almost daily basis. I love videogaming and playing with my black lab/chow mix, Kallie, whom I rescued in July of '09. I also love my cute little Chihuahua, Lola, who is 3 and I adopted a little over a year ago(2012)! I also love my girlfriend, Jess! :) I am a member of Colony of Gamers, one of the best online gaming communities in existence. I purchased a newer PC about a year ago so now I can dig back into older games that I've stockpiled away on steam! :)

The only genres of videogames I don't like very much are sports, RTS, and most casual games (Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Viva Pinata are the only exceptions).