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Life is Strange(ly pretty good) 0

Life is Strange is an episodic puzzle adventure game from DONTNOD entertainment. Life is Strange is my first venture into the style of adventure games that TellTale have popularised over the last 7 years.Blackwell Academy You play as Max Caulfield, a photography student attending the prestigious fictional high school Blackwell Academy in Arcadia Bay, Oregon. The game starts off with Max in class, snapping out of a daydream after witnessing a giant cyclone wreaking havoc on the area and making it...

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Street Sk8er: the latter days 0

Street sk8er was the first skateboarding game released on the playstation or PS1. It featured a host of fictitious skateboarding characters from both side of the gender coin in a number of ethnicities and all with change alternate costumes.  The game was based around the check point system and had the player skate a linear course attempting to do tricks along the way. Doing the tricks was exceptionally easy as the game mostly did them for you. You needed to go up a quarter pipe, and press the X ...

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