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Complete Monster-Movies, Books, and TV shows

Part V of my greater Complete Monster list

List items

  • Several movie depictions, particularly in "The Rise of Evil"

  • His name literally means "evil" in Japanese. He rules the future with an iron fist and under his rule it's a hell-hole. He's also committed genocide several times, never keeps his word, and is just generally sadistic and nasty.

  • Al Capone had the reputation of being either this or something close to it, but he was also never convicted of anything except income tax evasion (not that that means he wasn't guilty of other things of course). But however ambiguous or debatable it was in real life, he is definitely this in the movie "The Untouchables", where he brutally murders one of his own men with a baseball bat, desires the deaths of both Elliot Ness and his family for the former's defiance and standing up to him, and also employs another Complete Monster in the sadistic and sociopathic Frank Nitti.

  • His alter-ego Angelus, who is widely recognized in-universe and out as one of the most evil vampires to ever live.

  • Wanted to make his own hoard of gold worth more money by irradiating the gold in Fort Knox and rendering it worthless. However, his plan to do this would involve killing thousands of innocent people, which is something he is completely unperturbed by. He was also fine with killing James Bond via a laser that would split him right down the middle starting with his crotch and only spared him when Bond got him to believe that it would be in his interests to keep him alive. He also betrayed and murdered the mobsters he pretended to be aligned with so he could keep the spoils of his victory all to himself and fatally painted gold a woman in his employ who fell for James Bond.

  • Unleashed Buu on the universe with the intent of destroying everything in existence, also continuing the original mission of Bibidi.

  • In GI Joe Resolute, where she threatens to murder a large number of hostages one by one if they do anything to displease her, but then entertains the idea of killing some of them anyway just to show that she's serious, also expressing sadistic pleasure at the prospect. May not seem like a lot, but given her limited screen-time in that film, it's enough for her to qualify as a CM, especially since, unlike other versions of Baroness she doesn't even seem to really care about Destro.

  • One of Voldemort's proudest and most openly sadistic servants, she embodies all of the general evil of the Death Eaters. To her personal crimes, she tortured Neville Longbottom's parents until their minds snapped, entertained the thought of doing the same thing to Neville himself, tortured Hermione, murdered Sirius Black (and taunted Harry about it repeatedly), took sadistic relish in Albus Dumbledore's death, murdered Tonks, and finally tried to murder Ginny before Molly gives her long overdue death.

  • I don't know much about Dragon Ball Z, only that this guy, Kid Buu, and Frieza apparently qualify as this. A quick look into his character shows that he plans to wipe out all life in the universe.

  • Frieza's ancestor. Now we know where he gets it from.

  • To put it into perspective: the very first thing we see him do is physically assault and yell at his own men when their money heist doesn't go entirely according to plan. And that's just the beginning; his next major evil act is throwing one of his own men out of the back of the truck because his being shot and injured makes him a liability, also sadistically asking Billy if he can fly. He later brutally murders Alex Murphy alongside his men, taking a massive amount of sadistic pleasure in the horrifyingly stretched out killing. He also has no problem killing for corrupt OCP member Dick Jones and just causing general mayhem anytime Jones wants him to. So long as this sadistic, cop-killer (and alleged rapist) gets to hurt or destroy something, he's happy.

  • The aptly named sadistic, greedy, and corrupt member of OCP who is also the hand that directs the actions of the movie's other Complete Monster, Clarence Boddicker.

  • A sadistic disciplinarian and xenophobe who prior to going to Hogwarts expressed repeatedly a violent disdain for "half-breeds" such as Centaurs and Lycanthropes. Upon going to Hogwarts at the Ministry of Magic's directive, she attempts to hide the truth of Voldemort's return and gleefully punishes those (such as Harry), who try to get the truth out with blatantly torturous punishments. On top of all of that plus her obnoxious and sadistic taunting and humiliating of others, she also throws her lot in with Voldemort come his takeover, gladly overseeing Kangaroo courts against muggle-born wizards and witches and punishing those found "guilty" via Dementor's Kiss, which takes away their very souls. Oh, and she also sends Dementors after Harry Potter to frame him and at one point shows a willingness to use the illegal Crucio curse on him...which would amount to torturing a 15-year old for information.

  • Particularly the version in the Daniel Craig Bond films, who killed his own father because he resented the attention that he showed James Bond. From there, he becomes the sadistic, sociopathic founder and leader of the Spectre terrorist organization, which commits crimes and slaughter of innocents around the world. But even though he's now a terrorist leader, he still finds time to torment James Bond and go out of his way to make his life a living hell by taking away people he cares about (Vesper, M, etc.) and also at one point physically torturing Bond too.

  • The brutal fascist ruler of the megalomaniacal, war-mongering, and genocidal Fire Nation who also mutilated his own son and is largely to blame for him being a villain in the first place. He also went out of his way to influence his daughter in such a way that her negative qualities were embraced rather than suppressed, ensuring that she became just as cruel as he is. And of course there's his plan at the end of the original show to commit his own personal genocide purely out of spite and because he's more or less a God Wannabe.

  • The notorious mass murderer of A Nightmare on Elm Street fame, who was a mass murderer of children BEFORE becoming a supernatural villain.

  • An utterly sadistic mass murderer. I don't know much about Dragon Ball Z, but I do remember one episode where the wish given to the Dragon was to resurrect everyone Frieza ever killed...which was quite a few people.

  • Another pure evil serial killer from the mind of Wes Craven and his crew. Several people have worn the mask over the years and none of them are paragons of virtue.

  • Aside from causing the kind of destruction one would expect from a Godzilla monster he also delights in making his kills as slow and painful as possible, and is also shown to be a bloody coward who is prone to abandoning his "allies" the second things start to look bad.

  • In the Hellboy movie, where he works with the Nazis and tries to bring Lovecraftian horrors to our world to bring about the apocalypse...because.

    Also in the Don Bluth Anastasia movie, where after willingly selling his soul for power, he uses his magic to trigger the Bolshevik's Revolution and murder the Romanoff family just because they banished him earlier. And when he learns that one member of that family has survived, he continues his efforts to try and kill her in a variety of ways, including by trying to trick her into drowning himself, choosing this method precisely because it was cruel. He also abuses and insults his loyal bat-servant Bartok and takes sadistic pleasure in stretching out his last attempt on Anastasia's life.

  • By far the most destructive monster in the Godzilla franchise, who also cackles like the Joker while causing his rampant destruction. Most alternate forms of Ghidorah are shown to be little better.

  • Do I even need to say why?

  • Naturally, considering that JK Rowling deliberately invoked this with him. Shown to be a cruel, egomaniacal sociopath from the get-go, Tom Riddle eventually transformed into the single most vile, sadistic, and feared entity the wizarding world had ever seen. Guilty of torturing and killing dozens if not hundreds of people and founding and leading the magical equivalent to the Axis Powers, Voldemort is just the worst of the worst.

  • As Kid Buu, who's first act was to destroy the Earth. Super Buu also qualifies as this.

  • Much like with Leatherface, I really don't think any elucidation for this one is required.

  • Because unlike other Lovecraftian horrors, that have that whole "we're incomprehensible to you" bit, Nyarlathotep is just comprehensible enough to be understood as pure, irredeemably evil and also quite sadistic too.

  • It would take so long to list all of the atrocious, messed up, and just plain sadistic and awful stuff this animal does, that I think I'm just going to put into perspective like this: the guy's in running for the single worst monster in a series stuffed to the gills with them.

  • In the movies, he's just another henchman. But in the books, he's one of the most disturbed, psychotic, and bloodthirsty villains Bond's fought, having been first a killer of animals, then vagrants, then a full on serial killer of women, and then a psycho-for-hire type for the Russians (after abandoning the military of his native Ireland).

  • Though he tries to pass himself off as well intentioned following his descent into villainy, really he's just covering his ass and is every bit the sadistic and evil powermonger that Sauron is, and he tries to wipe out everyone in Rohan and also covets the Ring's power for himself, planning to betray Sauron. He also abuses Grima Wormtongue (which eventually drives Wormtongue to kill him), and when offered the chance to redeem himself, spitefully turns it down.

  • Though he started out well-intentioned, as of the Second and Third Ages he is this, being interested only in power and killing all life in Middle-Earth that is not to his liking. He also corrupts the nine kings of men into the Nazgul and helps turn Saruman into a Complete Monster as well.

  • In the 2003 TMNT show where's a sadistic, genocidal sociopath that was already responsible for the deaths of numerous innocents BEFORE becoming Shredder. In Turtles Forever he also tries to destroy THE ENTIRE MULTIVERSE. The Tengu Shredder (also from the 2003 show) is this as well.

  • The artificial intelligence that nearly wiped out all of humanity in the Terminator franchise, and didn't exactly fail due to lack of trying either.

  • Drove the Dwarves out of their home, killing several in the process. He then helped himself to their treasure, and after one measly cup was taken from said hoard he tried to burn down the nearby town and kill everyone in it. Over a cup that wasn't even his to begin with.

  • The one from the original movie

  • For more or less the same reasons as the T-800 from the original film. If anything, the T-1000 has a sadistic streak that the T-800 lacked.

  • By far the most evil and depraved female Bond character ever. She takes such sadistic pleasure in killing and slaughter that after machine-gunning a large number of innocent, unarmed people she moans in contentment as though sexually aroused, which notably disturbs the other secondary villain who was with her at the time. Also my personal least favorite Bond character of all time, and one of my least favorite female characters period.

  • The version seen in "GI Joe Retaliation", who murdered Snake-Eyes’ master, framed Storm Shadow for it (thus turning him into a villain), and is generally just shown to be utterly sadistic and cruel, finding the destruction caused by a nuke (or a rail gun as the case may be) "fun".