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Complete Monster-Video Games Part I

Part IV of my greater Complete Monster list, and one that's especially appropriate for this web-site given it's Video-Game centric nature. There were actually enough of these that I couldn't fit them all onto one list. Have to do a second one after this one.

List items

  • In Murdered: Soul Suspect by way of being responsible for the real-life horrors of the Salem Witch Trials (as was also the case in The Crucible). And then as a ghost she just continues to do evil, also having a serial killer known as "The Bell Killer" punish the town of Salem long after her death, even though they were completely RIGHT to hate her for what she did, not to mention that everyone who was involved in her death is long gone by the time of the present, but she remains vindictive and petty. And again, their hatred of her was completely justified.

  • In the Wolfenstein series, among other video game depictions

  • The general idea is that he's a bigger monster than all the zombies you face.

  • Suffice to say, as a pure evil emperor whose villainy spans multiple entries in the series, Andross is the closest thing the Starfox series has to an Emperor Palpatine.

  • Uses hypnotism to erase the identities/memories of underage people who he then sells to reprobate for profit.

  • Starts out as a tragic villain and Well-Intentioned Extremist, but eventually, he devolves into this.

  • In the God of War series, considering that unlike the other Gods who were corrupted by Pandora's Box, Ares was always evil, and is also the cause of Kratos' transformation from proud Spartan warrior and loving family man to psychotic, mass-murdering monster. He also tricked Kratos into murdering his own wife and daughter.

  • A "Mad King" who, much like fellow Mad King Aerys Targaryen, is a pure evil ruler who, after using his own father to murder everyone and anyone who was between him and the throne, then killed his own father after he'd outlived his usefulness. He also decides to release a Chaos Goddess on the world for no apparent reason, and is fine with committing the crimes necessary to facilitate it.

    Oh, and that Wyvern he rides? His brother-in-law, after mutating him into it against his will.

  • Though the Witcher series tends to favor gray morality, every now and then the series has featured a genuine monster, and this evil sorcerer who murdered his own teachers fused with mad scientist willing to experiment on children is without question a Complete Monster, and proof that even the world of the Witcher has some folks without any gray, much less goodness.

  • Enough of a slimeball that he sold out his own people.

  • A sadistic and cruel pirate who, in the short time he had Soul Edge slaughtered the entire population of a port town. Yes, Nightmare's killed more people with Soul Edge, but he also had it longer, so that doesn't save Cervantes from CM status. He's also repeatedly fought and tried to kill his own daughter Ivy, and in SCIV's Arcade Mode kills his own servant Valmiro after he outlives his usefulness before then taking Soul Edge back and setting out to start what his ending calls "The Grim Myths". In his SCIII ending before this, he can have his ghost crew slaughter an entire ship's crew to the last man...or turn on them and attack them just because. Basically, a psychopath with no loyalty to anyone but himself.

  • The Assassins Creed version. We first see him murdering Uncle Mario. Now on a certain level, that's nothing personal because they're on opposite sides. What is NOT "nothing personal" is his then decapitating Uncle Mario and putting his head on a pike just to make Ezio suffer. He then murders his own father for power, is a tyrannical ruler of Rome, employs a twisted crew of psychos, and tries to strangle his own sister for daring to be in a relationship with someone other than him (and yes, he's incestuous too).

  • As portrayed in Star Trek: Online, HE is the one responsible for the destruction of the Romulan homeworld and in turn Nero's descent into villainy.

  • He did nuke his own countrymen after all. Also noteworthy because, up to that point in time, virtually every other MGS series villain had some kind of tragic backstory or sympathetic quality, as if to suggest that in the world of MGS there was good or humanity everyone. Everyone...except this guy.

  • Pure Renegade version, given the large number of times he/she mistreats and abuses their so-called friends and allies, murders innocents, COMMITS SPECIES-LEVEL GENOCIDE, and other crimes.

  • A Chem-addicted Raider who is also a cannibal and a rapist (repeat offender). So vile that you actually get Good Karma points if you kill him, and he is one of the only characters in the game who's Karma rating is "Very Evil".

  • A sadistic, evil, Joffrey Baratheon-esque teen dictator who is responsible for all of the suffering that occurs in his video game of origin.

  • Possibly, depending on how you play him/her.

  • In Pok√©mon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers

  • Don't let his nice guy act fool you: he's the leader of a cannibal cult. And yes, one of the big things about "The Last of Us" is how far people are willing to go to survive, but David is one particular "survivor" who elicits no sympathy.

  • Don't let his cute and colorful appearance fool you; this guy's a pure evil Monster Clown of Joker and Kefka-level proportions.

  • Tellingly, despite the GTA series being populated by almost nothing BUT bad bad, bad people, this guy is the only one TV Tropes considers a CM. Now granted, their standards are excessively harsh and restrictive (and sometimes hypocritical), but still; this guy stands out in terms of sheer evil. That he's actually a cannibal probably has something to do with this.

  • In the 2016 Ratchet and Clank video game, significantly worse than his original incarnation. But really, with a name like that, what did you expect?

  • Wants to absorb everything into himself, so that nothing will exist anymore.

  • Tellingly, the very first thing we see him do, is gunning down an innocent family, including the child. And that's just the FIRST thing this guy does. He also murders Matt, wipes out friendly Deathclaws, and is basically Nazi-esque with his hatred of anyone who has been mutated by the radioactive fallout (even though he himself has experienced a mutation).

  • An utterly vile Hag whose been murdering (and then wearing the skin of) numerous people throughout the centuries that includes children. And that right there isn't even ALL of her evil deeds.

  • Serial killer of women disguised as a bartender.

  • Killed Linde's dad, killed King Cornelius, kidnapped Elice (plus three other girls who he planned to sacrifice along with her), brainwashed Tiki into attacking Marth, manipulated and corrupted Hardin, and worst of all, started a devastating war that ended and/or ruined countless lives. Long story short, this dude's as ugly and rotten on the inside as he is on the outside.

  • Both the original version and the 2016 movie version fit this, in both cases embodying everything that is seen as wrong with the greater Orc race (never mind that he's terrible to other Orcs too). Also, an alternate timeline version attempted to do the same evil deeds as the "mainstream" version, but was foiled this time. However, he did make his way into the "primary" WoW universe and then committed entirely new atrocities, such as helping a mass demon invasion and killing the King of the Alliance.

  • Kai Leng may be the most hated character in ME 3, but Henry Lawson is far more vile; an abusive, egomaniacal parent of the worst sort, his abusive treatment towards his daughter is the entire reason Miranda is the self-loathing, bitter ice queen that she is when first met, not to mention being what prompted her to run away from home, take her then-infant sister with her, AND join the terrorist group Cerberus. And unlike some members of Cerberus, who could be called well-intentioned if nothing else, Henry Lawson is just an egomaniac who does what he does to create a lasting legacy for himself.

    As if all of that wasn't bad enough, Miranda makes clear that she wasn't the first child he artificially grew; just the first one he kept. It's also implied that he's the reason why Miranda is infertile (as a sick means of controlling her). On top of all of THAT, he opens up a fake sanctuary during the war with the Reapers that gets scores of innocent people (possibly as many as millions) experimented on and turned into Husks in many cases and just plain killed in others. And it's made clear that children are among the victims. When finally met by the player in person, the very first thing he does is use his other daughter as a human shield, proving in no uncertain terms that he doesn't care about her either.

  • If you thought Vaas was bad, then here's the man you have to thank for him being the nutcase that he is.

  • A bloodthirsty psycho-for-hire in service to the Borgias who takes perverse sadistic joy in violently hacking up anyone who's sent to his chopping block, being such a gratuitous and bloodthirsty executioner that it disgusts the Courtesan Fiora Cavazza (hardly a paragon of morality herself). He also hangs a (married) woman who rejected his advances and then refuses to let her grieving husband hang the body. He also has no remorse over killing innocent people since "the innocent go to Heaven".

  • Had his men slaughter every unarmed civilian they could find during his bloody takeover of Russia, and that was AFTER nuking his own country to get rid of the attacking Americans and also supplying a psychotic terrorist with weapons that included a nuke.

  • In his very first appearance, we learn he's responsible for turning Laguz into Feral Ones (who are then used as cannon fodder after being driven insane). This nut also keeps the victims of his unethical experiments IN HIS BASEMENT.

  • In the first Tomb Raider reboot

  • In Command and Conquer: Red Alert. Not surprising really, considering how bad he was in real life.

  • Becomes this in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

  • Don't let his friendly appearance and all-white robes fool you; the only thing that rivals this corrupt senator's hunger for power is his genocidal hatred of the Laguz that ended in him nearly completely wiping out the species. And even though he technically failed to do that, he did come close; only four Laguz survived his actions. And that's not even the end of it: he also later forced the people of the nation Daein to be completely subservient to him via what can only be described as blood magic.

  • Well for starters he killed his own parents at a young age. He then invoked Complete Monster status by deliberately expelling all the goodness from his soul in the name of acquiring greater power. Oh, and he killed Chun-Li's father for pretty much no reason and only remembers the incident for the sake of mocking her about it.

  • A dictator-like regent who outright admits before his death that he killed everyone that he did because he could and because he enjoyed having power of life and death over other people. The one Templar in AC I that's completely unsympathetic.

  • A violent and bloodthirsty serial killer of Courtesans

  • Was planning to destroy the city of Megaton, and even if the man giving him the order is talked out of it...Mr. Burke wants to destroy Megaton anyway. He also finds the actions of another Complete Monster in the game "inspired".

  • Has Shepard kill her own sister so she can seize said sister's resources, and then in ME 2 has Eclipse mercenaries slaughter her own workers to cover up her crimes.

  • Pretty much the entire point of his character

  • Brainwashes US soldiers into sleeper agents with which to kill other Americans, but don't think he's any kind of patriot. On the contrary, this self-centered sociopath abandoned his own men to save his own skin and later tested a super-weapon on fellow Russians. The only person Nikita Dragovich cares about, is Nikita Dragovich.

  • Started the Human-Covenant War (which got billions of humans and Covenant aliens killed) for completely selfish reasons (namely so that the Covenant could never discover humanity's importance as a species and their connection to the Forerunners). He also personally shoots Miranda Keyes in the back and plans to activate the Halo Rings, even after knowing that they'll kill everyone because at that point he's so nuts he doesn't care anymore.

  • Killed Scorpion's family (and his entire clan) and then tricked him into believing that it was Sub-Zero who did it, thus allowing him to make Scorpion his loyal servant. In Mortal Kombat 9 he turns all of the slain heroes into servants of his as well.

  • Used her magic to make her subjects love her unconditionally and without question, before then trying to purge all who she deemed unfit to live (which was everyone except her and her highborn servants, so she was basically a Nazi analogue at this point). She also allowed the Burning Legion to rampage through Azeroth without blinking an eye so long as she stood to gain from it, started the hugely catastrophic and destructive War of the Ancients, and finally became Empress of the Nagas and is thus responsible for every last bad thing they do. Yeah. Long list of atrocities, but to be fair, she's very long lived and has a lot of power, so she had many opportunities to cause large-scale destruction.

  • In the MK 9 continuity, where he first betrays the Edenian Resistance that took him in with open arms simply because he was not made their leader, joined Shao Kahn and crushed said resistance, and then in his ending betrayed and killed Shao Kahn and used his armies to conquer all the other realms, starting with Earthrealm. Also worth noting that in MKX, he's planning to betray Mileena and seize Kotal Kahn's throne for himself.

  • As revealed in the Human Noble origin story, where his men massacre the player character's family along with the other guests at the castle. Subsequent actions by him are no better, and he is almost universally disliked by his peers due to his reputation.

  • Like his son, he's this in the Assassin's Creed series, being a ruthless, sociopathic power-monger who also has Ezio's brothers killed just to make a point, one of whom was just a boy. And of course alongside his son he runs Rome into the ground while in power there.

  • Picks up where his predecessor and fellow Complete Monster Kvar left off as far as being a completely immoral mad scientist goes.

  • Though he was once a police officer, these days Roy Phillips is basically a "hate-everyone nihilist". He loathes humans who he contemptuously calls "smoothskins" and approves of fellow Complete Monster Mr. Burke's plan to destroy Megaton on the grounds that it's a "smoothskin shithole". But for all of that, and all of his claiming to hate bigots, he is himself a bigot against not just humans but also his fellow Ghouls, who he views as little better than animals and expendable cannon-fodder. In other words, he's guilty of EXACTLY the kind of Anti-Ghoul mentality that he is railing against. In other words, a hypocrite/boomerang bigot. Not to mention, that if he manages to get into Tenpenny Tower as he desires, he will slaughter everyone in it, even the people who LIKE Ghouls and think they should be accepted. So really, he's nothing more than a selfish nihilist who hates everyone, whether human or ghoul.

  • Now and again, most prominently in the Saints Row universe and Castlevania: Lord of Shadows.

  • Sometimes on the account of being a tyrannical power-mad despot who seeks to conquer and enslave Earthrealm. Not the Mortal Kombat Legacy version though, who was shown to have genuine feelings for Sindel and also wasn't as heinous as other versions of the character.

  • The arrogant and sadistic fallen Elder God who wants to wipe out all reality because of his love for death. Basically, the Satan of the Mortal Kombat mythos.

  • In Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X