SIGINT’s Ranking of Metal Gears

As the user named SIGINT, I should have a ranking of Metal Gear Solids. That’s the rule.

And yes I will play Twin Snakes and Portable Ops as soon as I can get ahold of them—especially always been curious about Twin Snakes.

List items

  • The structure of an MGS game was completely thrown out the window, and the game was released before really being completed, but the core of this game is so good that very little has come close in the 5 years (at time of writing) since. This gameplay brings all the creative ideas and ambition of MGS3 and Peacewalker to life as it must have been imagined. There are so many fun ways to dispatch your enemies, so much fun content to do, and a structure that lets you just mess around and do it at your own pace. The story takes a backseat, but I found it super interesting. The use of voice recordings to tell more backstory is a great supplement to the codec in an open-world game. Overall for me it’s nearly a perfect experience.

  • There’s so much fun and interesting gameplay in this game, such a nice story and set of enemies to face. These old MGS games with their unique controls can be tough to go back to for a new player, but oh is it worth it. It really nails it on every front possible, with the best bosses, story, music, etc. Very much worthy of being called the series’ best and a crown jewel of the PS2 era.

  • In my rose-covered glasses view of this game, it’s the best one, bar none. Certainly at the time I played it, it was unimaginable that it could be topped. The story in all its layered glory, is just insane, Kojima at his peak. It’s full of so many interesting ideas about society and cool meta-commentary on the prior game. It’s a game you could write essays about or just enjoy as an action flick—and for me it hits on all levels. It’s a shame when I look back a bit more closely that some aspects don’t hold up to scrutiny as much as the amazing stuff I tend to remember. The “plant” campaign has some truly dull environments and less cool sections, as well as bosses that I just don’t enjoy as much as those from MGS3. But it has its moments, especially toward the end, and the accompanying Tanker mission is excellent from start to finish. It’s not perfect, but it’s unforgettable.

  • I have a feeling that if I had played this in its era, it might be my favorite one. There’s so much about it that feels iconic, so much excitement, humor, drama... Many of the core concepts of the series were already in play. To me, it’s just held back by the improvements made in the PS2 generation that make it look and feel pretty rough today. But when the fundamentals of the game are so good, its appeal shines through decades later.

  • The only spinoff I bothered to play through to completion, this game is a short but sweet romp through a unique character action combat system. It’s full of quotable lines and insane moments, as well as offering a great challenge in its memorable boss fights. It can’t quite reach the heights of the above games for me, but I had a great time with it.

  • This game is fun, but it just can’t hold up to the standards of the above games for me. Nothing against it, it has a memorable story and some cool missions. I remember the bosses in this being annoying as a single player, but it’s still a lot of fun, not an essential title, but fans should get the HD Collection and play it.

  • There are many things about this game that I love, but enough things I don’t love that it has to rank a bit lower. The story is a wild ride, bringing together characters from the entire history of the series in a way that is a real sight to behold after you’ve played 1-3. A couple of the missions in this game stand among my favorites in the series. Ultimately, it’s just not as fun of a game though, with gameplay I never really enjoyed, less personality, less focus maybe? Fun time though, especially for lovers of MGS story like myself.

  • A very fun game, more fun than Peacewalker and MGS4 at times, but nonetheless, it’s just too small and lacking in the full context of the whole series to justify higher placement. Trust me, I want to, I just can’t do it.

  • Why are we here? Just to suffer?