Best of 2009

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  • This game is the like what the bastard child of Diablo 2 and Call of Duty would be, and what a glorious bastard it is. My friends and I played Borderlands well into the wee hours of the night (or is it the morning?) and only begrudgingly stopped for sleep because this accused human body demanded it, and for work because otherwise I wouldn't be able to afford the DLC they promised. Hell, if there were more quests in this game, I wouldn't be typing right now; I'd probably be playing it. The endless loot, the fun, fast-paced combat and the genuinely, stupidly hilarious nature of the game makes it a must-play for any fan of the FPS or RPG genres.

  • This game made me buy a PS3. I had been on the edge for years, and when the price dropped, I almost went out and bought it, but it was this gem (and the hilarious commercial campaign that promoted it) that sealed the deal. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is beautiful visually, fun to play, and amazing to experience. This game is a big summer blockbuster that never quits. The set piece moments are incredible, and the story is enticing, hilarious and wonderfully paced, and the characters are phenomenal; Nolan North is easily the greatest voice actor in the business. Add to that a multiplayer that is actually fun and fully formed, as opposed to carelessly tacked-on, and you have easily one of the best games of the year

  • I've never been called a fan of stealth games in general, and when someone told me they'd made another Batman game, i was skeptical. But then I saw this game in action and ran out to get it on launch day. Batman: Arkham Asylum combines fantastic and empowering combat with strike-from-the-shadows stealth sequences that truly make you feel like you're wearing the cowl of the Dark Knight. It cannot be said enough that this is truly the epitome of what a Batman game should be. Lets just hope the sequel stays true to it.

  • I loved Assassin's Creed 1 so much that I got every single one of those damn flags. And I'm only 20% ashamed of that. Despite all its faults, and there were a few, I loved the concept, I loved the admittedly easy combat, all of it. Assassin's Creed 2 is everything the first one was times a hundred. There is just more of everything. The story is bigger with plot twists and an incredible ending. The combat is bigger with new varied weapons. The economy system is a nice if unneeded addition, and it actually felt nice to fix up your home villa, even if once you're done, there really isn't any use for all the money. The missions are very varied, unlike the first one which had about six different ones. All in all, AC:II is what all sequels should be, an improvement on literally everything the first one was. Plus, DOUBLE WRIST-BLADES TO THE FACE!

  • I might be less than 10 hours into this game, but I can already tell that I'm going to be playing it many many times. Dragon Age: Origins is, in the simplest terms, Knights of the Old Republic with a D&D reskin. It features a similar quasi-squad-based combat, all the classic RPG elements, as well as a seemingly endless amount of quests. What's interesting is that it seems to feature a similar morality system, but without that good/bad point system that games like KoTOR or Mass Effect had. The actions you take might not affect your "morality" but it will affect whether or not your allies like you, to the point where they could leave forever if you piss them off enough. This game boasts that all your actions have the possibility of affecting you in unexpected ways later on, and while I haven't seen this myself I can tell you I am not taking it lightly, choosing my dialog options much more tactfully than otherwise. Needless to say, I am gladly looking forward to days of this game