Bring em' back! (Maybe?)

These past months I've seen collection after collection of games that were first released on the PS2 and Xbox making returns with 1080p visuals, 3D editions, and bundles all wrapped into a neat little package. Soon PS3 owners will have the original Splinter Cell Trilogy on one Blu-ray with promised enhanced features.  Are these collections good or bad? 
You could probably have strong arguments for both sides I guess. Here are a few I put for both: 
Expose Great games to an audience that may have never played the games in the past 
Second Chance to improve on a classic 
Great collector's Item and most are $39.99 
Takes time from development of new titles 
Could be argued as an cheap cash in during the relaxed downtime in deveopment 
As a consumer, I feel it's cool to replay certain games from the past. I can't wait to play Beyond Good & Evil HD, but don't really feel the need to play through the original Splinter Cell games again.