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Heal The Land & Save The Day 0

Prince of Persia returns with a new prince and epic story+ Fun exploration elements+ Easy Accessibility for all + Well Designed Story- Not Very Challenging- Frustrating Combat Moments- Must take breaks from main objectives to collect objects in order to progress Although this game is titled Prince of Persia, you are not playing as the original prince from sands of time. You play as a new prince,  whose original goal in the beginning of the game is to find Farah, his donkey, not Farah from the ot...

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Journey Back To Albion 0

Fable II Improves on all aspects of the original game.+Well Done Main Quest line+ Same great atmosphere as the original game+ More of Albion to explore+ Character interaction and Co-op play+ Simple yet fun Combat System- Lenghty load times. To shorten this, Install to hard drive- Can't be Unique Character in Co-op. Also must stay together on one screen even on Xbox Live- Few technical problems here and there. - Shorter main quest than other Rpg`sFable II is set 500 years after the original. Ever...

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World's Collide in MK vs DC Universe 0

The Superheroes can hold their own with the MK KrewMK Vs. DC Universe 4.5/5+ Great Variety in character selection+ Storyline explains how DC characters can meet the MK fighters. They're not just tacked in+ Solid Fighting Engine and Online Mode- Short Story Mode. Both can be beaten in a couple of hours- Toned down krazy violence from past Mortal Kombats. Understandable though as it is T- rated                                                         - Matchmaking can be slow to connect. Not enough...

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Life After Vault 101 is up to you in Fallout 3 0

In Fallout 3, War Never Changes+ Amazing Story and Freedom+ V.A.T.S works as advertised+ You will get your money`s worth+ DLC down the line - Low Level Cap. 20 is not enough for a game like this- Sometimes Labeled as Oblivion with guns - Needed More Choices Regarding Consequences of a players Action Fallout 3 is an epic game that contains a great story, world, and addictive game play. It make you feel like you are in a world that has been devastated with war and you are just an survivor living i...

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Freerunnin on the Edge 0

Mirror`s Edge Shines when you get the feel of it. + Innovative 1st Person Action+ Great Music that fits the Game`s Atmosphere+ Fresh Break from blockbuster titles and shooters- Insanely Short. Not worth 60 bucks in my opinion- Frustrating Combat. Faith can`t take much damage- No Multiplayer. Not really a negative, but could have been interesting to see in a game like this.Mirror`s Edge is a breath of fresh air among the barrage of games out this fall. It`s an exhilarating ride that provides high...

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Take back Stillwater in Saints Row 2 0

Saints Row 2 picks up years after the 1st one and shows how Stilllwater has changed and developed thanks to the Ultor Corporation. You play as the character in the last game as he/she awakes from a coma thanks to the events of Saints Row 1 ending. But this time, you are given a voice and can create any character you choose to have. Guy with a girl voice, sure. Girl with beard, no problem. When you jump out of Airborne vehicles, you automatically get a parachute. Take that Niko! Creation is a big...

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No Limb is Safe in Dead Space 0

9 hours and 33 minutes is the total time it took me to complete my 1st play through of Dead Space. It was tell well spent because I was able to become a bad ass Engineer ( Issac Clarke) and Sever the limbs of my foes. Dead Space plays like other great Action games (like Bioshock and Resident evil), although It does enough to make it feel fresh and just as fun as those games too. You'll spend most of your time traversing the Ishimura ship completing objectives and checking rooms for ammo, credi...

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N.G. II increases the action, while decreasing the frustration 0

I haven' t beaten Ninja Gaiden on the original Xbox. I Play a lot of games, and try to complete them at least once. Tell that the the bosses on the xbox game , they would probably laugh until they exploded. In Ninja Gaiden II, play on Path of the Acolyte mode first. I was able to endure everything the game threw at me to make it to the last chapter.    NG2 Basically fixes all the problems that were in the Original Xbox version. Better Camera, more times to purchase healing items, More save po...

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Help Niko Achieve The American Dream in GTA IV 0

Grand Theft Auto IV takes place in the modern times with Niko Bellic Arriving to Liberty City with the hopes of a better life. Lured by his cousin's tale of wealth, freedom, and plenty of sex to be had by the many women of America, Niko boards the Platypus and embarks for America. Upon his arrival he finds things are not as they seem and his cousin is in some serious trouble mostly in part to his addiction to gambling and borrowing money he cannot pay back. RockStar out did themselves with the s...

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Bourne Conspiracy relives The Bourne Identity`s Greatest Moments 0

The Bourne Conspiracy features many great scenes from the 1st  Bourne film and  flashbacks compiled from Jason`s work as an assassin. The game uses a new model for Jason Bourne as Matt Damon did not want to be involved with the game. The game contains action, shooting, and driving elements all found in scenes from the 1st  film and does a good job of recreating it while introducing flashback missions. The lack of replayability brings down the game and may only be a purchase for those hardcore Bo...

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