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You know the kind of game you look forward to, but it could just as easily turn out heartbreakingly disappointing? Yeah, that's the one.

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  • XII was easily one of the most heartbreaking games I have ever played. I adore KOF, I am about 400% more into the KOF series than Street Fighter, and even SF4 has me doing backflips from the happy.

    But KOFXII should've been radiant, glorious, life giving. It was barely a game though, more like a third of a game in every regard. Poking around it with a mate, no attempt to salvage it, no attempt to rationalize its scarcity could penetrate the utter feeling of disappointment.

    KOFXIII has the opportunity to make everything right. It could remedy the disappearingly tiny arcade mode, sort out the online code, infuse the game with variety in arenas and music and extend the roster to the point where people aren't constantly overlapping their teams. In short I ask you, XIII, to pleasebegood.