Not really sure what to say but I am interested in making a podcast soo yeah... Well I like the Bombcast community and was thinking that it would be could if i could find some cool people to talk to. I might be able to host it on my site if not then I will just use a free hosting place. I found a good enough recording program for skype and I can at least edit the recordings well enough so that it is bearable. If you can record great! I just want to get my opinion out there and don't care if this is a community podcast for giant bomb or any named podcast. Neither do I necessarily need to be the host.  If you think you would like to join my little ram-shack of an idea then just PM me back and hopefully we will have enough to at least do a test recording. I am just starting this Idea today so if you have more time spent thinking of doing a podcast or skill with audio then maybe you should be the host and or recorder/editor... 
Anyways hope this is not just a random PM that you ignore for being dumb/crazy/weird 
Edit: For my Blog If you read this and think it is cool answer by PM too


More reguler blogs for no one to read?

Well For some reason I am writing another blog post even though I have no reason to do so oh well. Hmm I seem to have a weird personality and voice in these posts that might put people off. So games... My computer's replacement motherboard should arrive tomorrow so I will soon be able to play some of the awesome games that have come out since it's initial problems. Just Cause 2 will be the first game I install but I might play some other games as well. I can't wait to jump off of the Mile High Club blimp thing. I think that Just Cause 2 shows a good trend in video games. This trend shows that we are about to start to approach the barrier where games begin to start to just be about creating a fun experience. Then we will start to see better story's all because of the the technology reaching an acceptable limit. Interesting that we have yet to reach this point yet but we have the technology to produce unrealistic games that are totally awesome. Think of games like mario while creepy weird they are fun. Looking towards the future with optimism I hope that by the time that I join the video game industry games have reached at least a equilibrium of technology and design. By the way why is it that some people think that video games are not art. If you can accept that movies and plays are art then you must also agree that video games are art. Meh I guess I will write another post some other time.



Sup random reader yes you the one person to read my blog, sup. So My computer should be in soon I should be starting to restart my work on my website/blogsite... I can't wait to play just cause 2 on my fixed PC. Watching the Xboxalypse it be kinda fun. Wonder why I have yet to find a real reason to write my blog yet oh well I guess it will just be ramblings of death. I should maybe do some reviews on the site to get points and stuff plus more practice on writing stuff... been playing god of war 2 for the first time awesome game never thought I would like it but Playing god of war 3 made me rethink that consensus. Still thinking that doing a podcast as well as let's play run would be fun let's play being more realistic though I am going to only have time this summer for that. To bad I will be spending most of the the summer working on my games prototype. Wonder how many people are going to make blog post or other such things just for XP for the new quest system that does not work the way you would think. I know the answer to a lot of them but they just don't activate on pages that you would think making a a quest to find the right page on the same answer that you already know. Not that I am complaining it is hard to make a super connected site just wish their was a way to fix the quests. hmm they are fun for the most part though cool system no doubt. I should find a day plus a method for writing blogs so people might actualy read them oh well later I will but for now crappy post every 3 weeks or so.
Post Script: I did this for the points.


Why am I bloging on this site instead of my own site.

I have a website for my blog as well as for other things but I have yet to recreate it with a nice aesthetic look and function so I guess I will blog on this awesome site for now. I have just noticed(yup i am a little slow) the Wikipedia part of Giant Bomb. I just love the Wikipedia nature of the site so that I can contribute and fix the errors that the editor sometimes miss. Also hey point systems work my friends only problems is they can become addicting or interest cheaters but we all know that we are not that kind of people right? Anyway I hope that at least some people read this while in most respects I am nothing more then a hypocrite with a self indulgent complex but then who isn't. Games hmm well I love playing them I think I enjoy video game the best because then involve my two favorite things entertainment, interactivity, and technology(yup three things wow). I am on the brink of starting my first full game that I will try and sell on xbox live's indie arcade as well as maybe steam? I wish I could just do things but some things hinder this wonderful project. For one I need to learn a new programing language notably C# as well as have my computer be fixed for more then a goddamn month. Damn electronic engineering. Giant Bomb needs to add a dynamic scroll bar in the text fields that would be nice. Other then my personal stuff the gaming industry has been churning on the topic of both 3D gaming as well as motion control and this has been most interesting. The two major contenders in my opinion are the Natal and the Sony Move(sorry but I just think that the Nintendo Wii is just bad) and they have two interesting approaches. While one the Sony Move has adopted for a light and controller based system the Natal has a system of body and motion sensing technology. While most hardcore gamers will say that Sony's Move makes more sense remember that the Natal can sense light and controllers as well so it could be modified to have just as good tactile control as the move if not better as it would also be in conjunction with the joint sensing technology. Well I have lost my train of thought